If there’s one season when you should stay dripping in gold, it’s the holidays. A little bit of gold adds instant glam to any outfit, so keep some on hand and you’ll be prepared to hit up any party in a pinch. For this year’s dash of gold, make your own glittery druzy earrings that are perfect for a holiday soiree, New Year’s Eve celebration or birthday bash.



– gold druzy rounds

– gold plated brass ear studs

– jewelry chain

– jewelry glue

– jump rings

– 2-in-1 jewelry plier/cutter


Once you’ve rounded up your materials (pictured above), you’re ready to start!


Cut 10 pieces of jewelry chain the length of your choice. These will become your chain fringe. We cut ours down to about two inches.


Using your pliers, open up your jump rings and string five pieces of chain on each one.


Close the jump rings back up, then trim the ends of your chain fringe using your pliers. We opted to trim our fringe at varying lengths to create an asymmetrical look.


Add a small dot of glue to your earring stud and press a jump ring onto the glue.


Let both pieces dry for 15 minutes before adding a second dot of glue on top of each jump ring and placing a druzy round on top.


Let your earrings dry for at least one hour before wearing.


There you have it! Ultra-glam earrings to keep for yourself or give to your best girlfriends. After all, druzies are a girl’s best friend.


Who will you give these druzy earrings to? Let us know in the comments section below!

DIY Production and Styling: Lee Schellenberger

Photography: Chris Andre

Modeling: Anjelika Temple