The Halloween countdown is nearing its end, so that means we are busting our booties to bring you more and more costumes ideas for the best day of the year. Calling all new families out there — these costumes are for you! If you’ve got more than one little kiddo, we’ve got some epic group costume ideas you can borrow, like the cast of Wet Hot American Summer or a group fruit salad.


Who else thinks they should turn these photos into an epic holiday card?

Winnie the Pooh Family Costume


Turn your favorite storybook character into the cutest family-of-three Halloween costume. For Mom’s Winnie the Pooh costume, get a yellowish gold dress and red crop top accompanied by some gold bear ears. For Dad’s Christopher Robin costume, we picked up a yellow polo from the thrift store and used white felt to accent the collar and sleeves. Pair with navy shorts, tall white socks and brown loafers.


Lucky for us, we just happened to find the perfect pink leotard and tutu at our local thrift store. We used pink fabric paint to add stripes to the leo and pink felt to create ears, which we glued onto a headband. Your little piglet is going to love this costume! Skylar sure did :)


Willy nilly silly old bear — and his best friends!

Katy Perry and Her Sharks Costume


Katy Perry and her dancing blue sharks has to be one of our favorite pop culture memories of 2015, so we had to turn it into a family costume! These blue velvet adult onesies are from H&M and are in stores now! They are actually sold as unicorns but with some felt, hot glue and fabric scissors, you can turn them into blue sharks. Simply use the fabric scissors to remove the unicorn horn, tail and mane and create teeth, eyes, gills and a fin using felt. Attach them to the suit using hot glue.


Baby Katy Perry is one of the cutest things ever! We bought a skater skirt from Old Navy and used red, blue, yellow and white felt to turn it into a beach ball. We mimicked Katy Perry’s bra top using felt and attached it to Skylar using One-Wrap Velcro.


Great ready to sing Katy Perry’s hits all night long.

The Three Stooges Costume


Larry, Curly and Moe won many hearts throughout the mid-20th century. This goofy trio makes for the perfect (read: easy) kooky family costume. Get your giggles ready and pull out every suit piece you own to create these outfits.


The key difference in these characters is the wigs. You need a bald curly wig, a bowl cut wig and a bald cap. We found all of these on Amazon for no more than $20 each.


We found Skylar’s suit outfit at Ross for $14, but before you go out and buy it, ask around in your play group network to see if anyone has something you can borrow.

Russian Nesting Dolls Costume


A group of Russian nesting dolls is the perfect group Halloween costume for families of all sizes. The key is to dress every member of the family the same and include a piece with an intricate pattern.


If you packed all of your white clothes away for the season, it is time to take them out again! Layer a patterned apron over the white clothes and top it off with a red hoodie. For the apron, we found an appropriate nesting doll fabric, folded it in half and cut a hole at the top for the head.


For the top, pick up three red hoodies. Cut off the bottom half and create two curved edges that meet in the middle. Top off these costumes with doll makeup, including bright red circles on the cheeks and drawn-on doll eyelashes.

What will you and your family be dressing up as this Halloween? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Beauty: Misty Spinney

Modeling: Jen, Joey and Skylar Welsh

Photography: Chris Andre