Round up your gals, because this Halloween you are going to be super sweet — a super sweet fruit salad! Just like a fruit salad, you are nectarous and delicious apart but even better when you are all together :) #squadgoals. Today we’re going to show you how to make a watermelon, a pineapple, a strawberry, a lime and some grapes. Keep reading for the steps!


How to Make a Watermelon Halloween Costume


For this costume, make your way over to Forever 21 to find yourself the same dress in both green and a pink. You will want more pink than green on your dress, so turn them inside out and cut a straight vertical line, about three quarters from one side. Pin the large pink half to the small green half and sew to create one full dress. Create black seeds on the pink side of the dress with a black sharpie marker or fabric paint. Miss Misty did a great job with these fruity make-ups — see below for a quick tutorial on each.


Hair: Add some curls to your hair and back comb into them to create a messy textured look. Pin up for a disheveled bob.

Makeup: Go with a pastel pink eyeshadow that is highlighted with a shimmering pale pink on the lids, brow bones and inside corners of your eyes. To get the watermelon lips, use a pink liner on the upper and top portion of your lower lip, line the lower lip with a green liner and draw a thin line of white liner in between the pink and green. Add two little black spots with a highlight of white liner to create the seeds off to the side of your lips.


Top this outfit off with the best accessory there is — a fresh slice of watermelon.

How to Make a Pineapple Halloween Costume


Fineapple pineapple, that’s for sure! Head to your local thrift store to find a golden yellow dress for the base of your pineapple. Using a ruler and a brown sharpie, draw cross-hatched lines all over the front of the dress. To create the headpiece, cut out green leaves and attach them to a toilet paper tube. Make sure they vary in size to create that leafy pineapple shape. Attach to a headband so it will stay on your head all day and night.


Hair: Messy waves!

Makeup: To mimic the pineapple’s cross-hatched texture, create these same lines on your face with yellow eyeliner. Use a gold eyeshadow inside each square for a pop of shimmer and to add depth to the pineapple face mask. Finally, to go green on your eyebrows, coat your brows with white eyeliner and fill them in with green shadow.


Piña coladas anyone? We miss summer!

How to Make a Strawberry Halloween Costume


Our Creative Director Anj rocked this strawberry costume. A little red dress and some green construction paper is all you’ll need for this look. Dab on some white fabric paint to create the strawberry seeds, bringing that little red dress to the next level. Cut out green leaf shapes and a stem, and attach to a headband using hot glue.


Hair: Get messy waves and pin the front sections back to show off your berry eyes!  

Makeup: My FAVORITE makeup look hands down!! On her eyes I used a green shadow in the inside corners to mimic the leaves on the strawberry. Then I applied a red paint pod to her eyelids extending toward the outside corners of her eyes in the shape of a strawberry as if it were laying sideways. Go over the red with white face paint using a pointed paint brush to create the texture of the outside of a strawberry. Match the red eyes with a red lip!


Cannibalism! Oh no!!

How to Make a Lime Halloween Costume


This lime costume was one of our favorites. Use various shades of green fabric paint to create the juiciness of the lime wheel. Outline in white fabric paint to create the pith and that lime wheel effect.


Hair: We kept it playful with Lisa’s hair and did a quick dutch french crown braid — an inside out french braid!

Makeup: Make sure to get your flawless base face to start! For your eyes, go with a light green shadow and green glitter layered over. Fill in your brows and then add a few coats of mascara. On your lips, go green with either green eyeliner or green face paint. Use a white face paint pod with a fine point brush to create the lines and outline of the lime. Set with translucent face powder.


Margarita, anyone? Re-use this costume next year with your main man and have him be a bottle of corona.

How to Make a Grapes Halloween Costume


Now, Pinterest will probably tell you to create a grape costume from balloons, but listen — that is so uncomfortable. Use purple yarn to create large pom-poms for your grape costume. Attach them to a strapless purple dress with hot glue. Don’t forget to accessorize with ivy!


Hair: Easy! You can do ANYTHING here! We kept it simple with her hair to allow her purple lids to be the showstopper.

Makeup: Bust out your purple hues! Apply a deep purple to your lids and lower lash line, and then blend out into an orchid purple fuchsia color as you get towards your brow bones. A fun contrast is to go green with your brows like the ivy from the vine. Lay white eyeliner over your brows and fill them in with green shadow. Pair with a light purple lip gloss!


Oh yeah, and of course wine :)


Mix it all together for a fruit salad!


Strawberry Lime Mojito, anyone?


Fruits ready to attack? Watch your back!

What other fruit flavors would you add to this fruit salad? Hit us up with your ideas in the comments!

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Makeup Design: Misty Spinney

Photography: Chris Andre

Models: Juliet Ashley, Lisa Raphael, Anjelika Temple, Roxy Taghavian and Marisa Kumtong