The Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials on YouTube RN
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The Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials on YouTube RN

When it comes to Halloween makeup, we have to admit that we like to take it to the next level. Go big or go home, amirite? From the spookier styles to the downright glam, why not go full throttle when it comes to your look for All Hallow’s Eve. To help with your costume magic, we’ve gathered the 18 best tutorials on Youtube to master any look. From freaky face paint to eek-worthy eyeshadow, they’re the creme-de-la-creme of Halloween beauty. Follow these step-by-step tutorials to DIY your way to Halloween makeup perfection.

1. Galaxy Nails Tutorial: Cosmic nails? Yes please. Call us space cadets, but we’re all about this out-of-this-world look. From galaxy athleisure wear to galaxy beauty styles, nailing the cosmic nail style will do wonders to enhance your alien or intergalactic costume this Halloween. (via Nails by Kizzy)

2. DIY Snapchat Butterfly Filter Makeup Tutorial: OMFG yes. We’ve finally found a step-by-step to create the prettiest Snapchat filter IRL. The look is so epic it can totally double as a costume on its own. (via My Pale Skin)

3. Trippy Double Vision Tutorial: This four-eyed look is a total head trip. If you want a clever one-and-done Halloween costume that requires only what’s inside your makeup kit, then you just found it. (via dope2111)

4. Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial: We’re digging the metallic scarlet shades at work in this unique Harley Quinn beauty look. This versatile style will set you apart from the other Harleys and can be used to enhance plenty of other costumes too. (via Julia Graf)

5. 7 DIY Snapchat Filters Tutorial: Flaunt your pop culture savvy ways with these Snapchat filter-inspired makeup looks. We’re crossing our fingers to see next-level rainbow barf this year. (via Madeyewlook)

6. Easy Halloween Tutorial Half Skull Mask: This half-skull look is so fierce we might just change our costume plans. This tutorial walks you through an easy process to score this badass costume. (via Maggie Blom)

7. Vampire Makeup Tutorial: The undead have never looked so hot. Opt for a pair of blackout contact lenses to give the look a Vampire Diaries-inspired feel, or stick with this monochromatic red-on-red palette that is so trendy RN. (via Leyla Rose)

8. Pokémon, Pikachu + Ivysaur Tutorial: If you’re a major Pokémon Go lover (of course you are) and you’re not afraid to get crazy with body paint, this tutorial will rock your world. Become one of three fabulous Pokémon friends on Halloween with the makeup style to prove it. (via Jordan Hanz)

9. Spring Music Festival Makeup: Festival fairies, here’s your perfect costume. Just amp up the fun festival makeup you already sport. We’re talking colored brows, crazy-long lashes and, yes, sparkles on your cheeks. (via Jordan Hanz)

10. Peacock Makeup: Bright blue, teal and shimmery gold lids make this look a total show-stopper. Draw on some texture for added depth. It doesn’t get prettier than this! (via SMLx0)

11. Itsy Bitsy Spider Makeup: The shimmering purples and pinks on your eyes will only enhance the pretty cobweb you’ve got going on underneath your eyes. Pair it with an all-black ensemble and pops of pink to complete the look. (via Dulce Candy)

12. Unicorn Makeup: A unicorn that looks like it flew out of the pages of a fairy tale? YAS. Also, we’re all about any excuse that lets us wear purple and pink brows. (via AwesomenessTV)

13. Cheshire Cat: If purple is your favorite color, then we can’t think of a better costume for you this Halloween. (via Charisma Star)

14. Red Queen: Unleash the drama with a deliciously evil style inspired by Tim Burton’s take on the Red Queen. (via Jen Pike)

15. Evil Queen: Who wants to be a princess when you can be a queen? Grab hold of a poison apple and take notes from this gorgeous makeup whiz. (via PICTURRESQUE I Regina)

16. Maleficent: Forget Angelina Jolie’s take on this famous villainess — we’re loving the green skin and bold lip of dope2111‘s Maleficent. (via dope2111)

17. Alice in Wonderland: Wander down the rabbit hole as Alice this year. We could see ourselves rocking this natural makeup all year! (via eki’s channel)

18. Inside Out: Joy, Sadness, Disgust — no matter how you’re feeling this Halloween, there’s a makeup tutorial for you. Hunting for a DIY Inside Out costume? We’ve obviously got you covered! (via dope2111)

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