47 Times Halloween Face Paint Basically Blew Our Minds
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47 Times Halloween Face Paint Basically Blew Our Minds

This year, there is no better way to up your Halloween game than with the help of two of our fave things — face paint and Pinterest. From Sugar Skulls to Corpse Brides, face paint is the longest lasting and most vivid way to bring your ghastly and ghoulish dream looks into reality. While makeup artists create some incredible styles using traditional makeup, we’ve started to appreciate the added drama that face paint brings. Trust us, it looks way more complicated than it is, but once you get the hang of it, you might even sport a style for your next festival look. Scroll down for some of the most eye-catching looks you can sport on Halloween night.

1. Corpse Bride: Looking at this recreation of the Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride gives us the serious creeps. Still, we can’t turn away — she’s even got the worm coming out of her eye! (Photo via TumblrCreep Face Art)

2. Pop Art Zombie: This look is EVERYTHING. From the insanely bright hues to the gross details, you can be sure that this look will be making the rounds this Halloween.

3. Zombie Pinup: For solid green coverage like this, you’ll need to rely on something like face paint. This is a clever and artistic take on a Frankenstein-inspired Zombie with major pin-up appeal. (Photo via Holidappy)

4. Technicolor Zombie: This technicolored skull is amazingly creepy courtesy of her blacked out eyes and paint-splattered tears. This is one of the coolest looks we’ve seen this year.

5. Owl Facepaint: This is next level face paint magic. No need to wear a full costume when you dare rock this amazing look. (Photo via Deviant Art )

6. Orange Zombie: Part Pop Zombie, part comic book skeleton, all of this look is absolutely amazing. Using face paint allows you greater control and more intense pigments to create a costume like no other.

7. Ursula: Ursula has never looked quite so real! The shade of purple and dramatic style is achieved using a lot of face paint and even more epic talent.

8. Sadness from Inside Out: Of course, anyone feeling inspired by the film Inside Out will need to rely on face paint to get the type of coverage required for this straight up stunning costume. What commitment!

9. Envy from Inside Out: This look takes being “green with envy” to a whole new level. Recreate all of your favorite Pixar characters using this makeup tool.

10. Green Corpse Bride: This look has us completely transfixed. The pale green skin contrasts with the deep scarlet lip for an absolutely spellbinding costume.

11. Watercolor: Of course, you don’t have to go the scary route this Halloween. If you’re considering going as a work of art, use this Watercolor face paint for inspiration.

12. Your Dog: If it’s laughs you’re after, this costume is the way to go. Use face paint to snag the look of your very best friend and dress up as your own pup for Halloween!

13. Beetlejuice: The pale white base and opaque black lip sets the stage for a dramatic look. But it’s the green and purple accents that truly conjure up the likes of Beetlejuice!

14. Corpse Bride: We’re so crazy about this Corpse Bride look! The shade of blue face paint coordinates with her eyes and hair, but it’s the hot pink lip that makes our eyes pop. The putrid green spots on her skin help give off just the right undead vibe.

15. Scary Jester: We aren’t laughing at the serious skills used to make such an epic jester costume. The key here is the smear the edges of each application to achieve the best balance of creepy and cool.

16. Artful Beauty: Here’s a look that could be very versatile this Halloween! Instead of using black to create your ghoulish sunken eye, try a deep plum or the darkest purple you can find for a look that feels like it came straight from an impressionist painting.

17. Tin Man: Wow! What a unique take on the Tin Man! This look takes contouring to a new level.

18. Maleficent: This artist did a phenomenal job of recreating the classic villain we all remember from Disney’s original Sleeping Beauty. This look is a great option for those of us who may be intimidated by the seemingly intense application of face paint. (Photo via YasMany)

19. Cosmic Inspired: The cosmos are seriously trending right now! If you don’t already have a pair of cosmic-themed tights, it would be so amazing to paint the design on your skin instead.

20. Dripping Skull: This Dripping Skull look is absolutely beyond. We are in love with the glistening sparkles in the white and purple face paint — what a colorful take on a creepy Halloween staple.

21. Queen of Hearts: Between the pearls, pale lips and elaborate eye paint, we don’t know which detail is more impressive. Let’s all take a moment to marvel at the eyelashes.

22. Bedazzled Sugar Skulls: These bedazzled sugar skulls are among the best we’ve ever seen. And paired with the hot pink hair? It’s love! (Photo via Ella Hoy)

23. Skeleton: Meet the chicest skeleton face paint you’ll likely ever see. The artist did a phenomenal job and it coordinates with the trend-right grombré hair beautifully.

24. Dragon Facepaint: If you aren’t planning on dressing up like the Mother of Dragons, you can draw inspiration from this dragon-inspired look. Put your Manic Panic lip colors to good use with this artistic Halloween look. (Photo via Girly Design Blog)

25. Pop Art: Of course, you can never go wrong with Pop Art-inspired makeup. This face paint is so convincing you’ll literally look like a cartoon!

26. Glitter Clown: Yes, there is a glitter-theme occurring. We just can’t help ourselves when it makes for such pretty makeup. Play up the contrast between the royal blue and pink with richly pigmented face paint.

27. Rainbow Clown: This look alone is reason enough to be a clown this Halloween. Her rainbow hair, adorned with vibrant cloth flowers, coordinates with the striking colors of her face paint. We just cant look away. (Photo via Dehsonae)

28. Cheshire Cat: We’ve seen so many cheshire cat makeup styles, and this one is totally one of our faves. Rather than going with a technicolored approach, she sticks with teal — applying it to her eyes, face, hair and neck.

29. Bejeweled Day of the Dead: In all honesty, getting to bedazzle your own face for Halloween sounds like it’d be pretty fun. We absolutely love everything about this whimsical look. (Photo via Cos Couture)

30. Pixelated Face: This is one of the most impressive makeup jobs we’ve ever seen of a pixelated face! Recreating the look might not be simple, but it’ll definitely be worth it.

31. Creepy Scarecrow: This look lets you be the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz with a special scary twist for Halloween. Bonus points for the button eyes.

32. Tim Burton’s Queen of Hearts: Here’s another nod to the King of All Things Creepy, Tim Burton. This is an impressive take on the Queen of Hearts!

33. Pop Art: She looks like she’s straight from the pages of a comic book. Its simplicity is impressive, too! Even without shading, she manages to make herself look 2-D!

34. Corpse Bride: Being dead never looked so good. Make Tim Burton proud by channeling one of his most popular characters this Halloween. This look will have you feeling blue in all the right ways. (Photo via AWSM Blog)

35. Zombie Bridesmaids: We know all about the back-from-the-dead bride, but what about her badass bridesmaids? Forget the couples costume. Here’s a fun look for you and your favorite group of ladies. (Photo via Costume Prize)

36. Rockabilly Bride of Frankenstein: If you want to put your own spin on the costume, here’s the perfect way to do so. Transport the bride of Frankenstein from Switzerland to the local sock hop with this ’50s interpretation. (Photo via Halloween Forum)

37. Dia de los Muertos Bride: Here is a great option if you want to play dead, but still incorporate some color. If you’re not sure where to start on the face makeup, check out our tutorial on how to paint a candy skull. (Photo via Michele Butler Events)

38. Dead Flapper: The flapper girl costume has been done to death. And so what better way to go about it than to become a ’20s bride, hungry for brains? This look is super fun and would be much more moveable than strutting around in a giant gown all night long. (Photo via The Uptown Bride)

39. Burton’s Doll: We gotta give it up for Tim Burton and his out-of-this-world imagination. This one will require really taking those false lashes to the next level. (Photo via Ruby Tanjerine)

40. The Corpse Bride: Talk about the perfect ratio of gore and gorge! Plus the blue hair is totally on trend. (Photo via Olivia Emily)

41. The Half-Dead Girl: Half-scary and half-stunningly beautiful, this look could prove to be the perfect challenge for any makeup lover. (Video via Kayla Hagey)

42. Female Joker: Why so serious? There’s no reason girls can’t get in on the fun of an amazing Joker costume. (Photo via HydraEvil)

43. One Bad Bride: Those eyes – so good and so scary at the same time. Love this sort of modern take on the bride of Frankenstein. (Photo via Likes.com)

44. Frankie Stein: Speaking of old Frankenstein, you don’t have to drive a metal bar through your head to channel your inner monster this Halloween. Green makeup, a stitch or two, and you’re good to go. (Photo via Unique-Design)

45. Serious Skeleton: Going for a skeleton? Let this beautiful pictorial serve as inspiration, and be sure to buy lots and lots of white and black face paint. (Photo via My Modern Met)

46. Festival Makeup: DIY this adorable festival-ready look. Get creative with your Coachella vibes this Halloween — that crystal necklace is perfect. (Photo via Brit + Co)

47. DIY Sugar Skull: And last, but certainly not least, is Brit + Co’s Sugar Skull hack! Believe it or not, you’ll actually be able to DIY this super-hot and totally trending look come Halloween night. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Do you have any other amazing facepaint inspo for Halloween? Show us on Pinterest!