No Halloween costume is truly finished without finding the perfect Pinterest聽Halloween makeup to complete your look. Whether it adds to the theme of your costume, takes your look that extra mile, or if your makeup is the costume itself, Brit + Co recognizes the importance of having all things beauty-related at your fingertips come Halloween night. From next-level inspo, the best places to find your supplies or Halloween makeup tutorials, we鈥檝e set you up for success on Halloween night! And now, here are some of the latest finds for your most inspired Halloween makeup yet!


1. Faun: Everything about this costume is so right. With a pastel pink wig paired with delicate faun makeup, the end-result is doe-eyed perfection. (Photo via Shorei/Deviant Art)

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2. Scribble Skull: We鈥檙e obsessed with this beautiful take on skeleton makeup! Why settle for spooky when you can go technicolored?


3. Jigsaw Makeup: Scared yet? So are we! This Jigsaw makeup is eerily spot-on! (via Love This Pic)

4. Unicorn: What is more magical than unicorn hair? Only a unicorn costume and makeup to match!

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5. Glitter Makeup and Hair: This is so awesome, we don鈥檛 even know where to begin. Matching her eyebrows and makeup to her hair makes for an awesome Halloween-ready look 鈥 and the glitter accent? Amazing!

6. Galaxy Queen: Um, yes. We鈥檝e seen cosmos-inspired nails and leggings before, but never full-on cosmos makeup 鈥 until now.

7. Rainbow Brows: There is no better way to make your eyes pop than with a bedazzled rainbow. Try going glam with this makeup style, especially if you鈥檙e thinking of going as Rainbow Brite.


8. A Tribute to Glitter: Any time glitter is involved, we want to be there. This is the kind of sparkly look that is only appropriate on Halloween night, and we鈥檒l find any opportunity to try it out. (Photo via Purple Magazine)


9. Cool聽Cat: You can totally pull off the cat look with some simple makeup, but when it鈥檚 paired with this cat-eared beanie? You鈥檝e got yourself a hipster cat 鈥 the ultimate cool look! (Photo via We Heart It)

10. Spiderman Mask: Masks might not be your thing, and that鈥檚 ok. This spider-man mask is made completely of make-up!

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11. Wednesday Addams: Pigtail braids, super-pale foundation, and goth-style clothing will transform you into one of our favorite Christina Ricci roles of all time. The best part is, don鈥檛 worry about concealing dark circles 鈥 they鈥檙e all part of the look!


12. Betty Boop: Here鈥檚 an old classic that we love. Dress up as Betty Boop and you鈥檒l get to sport some heart-themed lipstick all night. (Photo via Byrdie)

13. Wonder Woman: The only way to make sure you don鈥檛 leave the Halloween mask behind is to paint it onto your face. We can only imagine how perfectly this look will pair with a Wonder Woman costume.

14. Batman Mask: Here鈥檚 another way to forgo the mask altogether by painting Batman鈥檚 mask right onto your face. It鈥檚 the perfect way to make your eyes pop!

15. Broken Barbie: This look is eery but oh-so-creative. If you dress up like a Barbie and style your makeup to look like a shattered face, it鈥檒l give your entire costume this extra-spooky vibe.

16. Harley Quinn: This is 鈥 hands down 鈥 the most artistic take on Harley Quinn鈥檚 signature red-and-blue eyeshadow, and we totally approve. We absolutely love how the shades of purple and blue coordinate with her hair.


17. Pop Art Zombie: You鈥檙e guaranteed to turn heads with this pop-inspired Zombie. Throw in two different colored contacts for a totally unforgettable look. (Photo via CreepFaceArt/Tumblr)

18. Bedazzled Skeleton: Although we love the colorful look of Dia de Los Muertos Sugar Skulls on Halloween, we must admit this bedazzled white look is just about as beautiful as it is eery! She uses pearls to embellish her look instead of rhinestones for a gorgeous monochromatic look.


19. DIY Sugar Skull: This is another take on the Sugar Skull that leaves us breathless. Don鈥檛 forget to add on a pair of super-long eyelashes to complete the look. (Photo via Blog Lovin鈥)


20. Partial Sugar Skull: If you love the look of a Sugar Skull, but you don鈥檛 want to commit to painting your entire face, this is the perfect opportunity to still allow some of your natural beauty to show! So pretty. (via Beautylish)

21. Word Search: This is one of the most creative Halloween makeup styles we鈥檝e ever come across. She chose the word 鈥楩ELIX鈥欌 but what would you choose?


22. Cheshire Cat: A pink wig and make-up that looks like this? Here is every reason we need to consider dressing as the Cheshire Cat this year. (Photo via Halloween Makeup)


23. Galaxy Tears: We don鈥檛 know what exactly to call this, but whatever it is, it鈥檚 amazing. She looks like a fairy, crying glitter and stardust! (Photo via Halloween Makeup)


24. Ghostly Glamour: We can only imagine this is what a glamorous ghost from the past would look like. She even darkened her under-eye area to accentuate the ghostly look. (Photo via Glamorous Housewife)


25. Cleopatra: Dressing up as Cleopatra is the perfect excuse to try out those iconic dark-lined eyes! The gold-and-teal accents of her eyeshadow coordinate with the rest of her costume for the perfect look. (Photo via Byrdie)


26. Comic Book Girl: Look like you stepped right out of a comic book with this ultra-simple look. Add POW for extra comic girl emphasis. (Photo via Best Halloween Blog)


27. DIY Deer: Oh deer! Get this totally cute look with a step-by-step tutorial that you can do last-minute. (Photo via Shannon O鈥橞rien/YouTube)


28. Mermaid Makeup: We鈥檒l admit, this one looks difficult to DIY, but it鈥檚 actually super easy. Simply stretch a pair of fishnet tights over your head and pat on blue eyeshadow. It鈥檚 that easy! (Photo via Byrdie)

29. Butterfly: If you鈥檙e looking for something a little more cutesy, try out this butterfly look. Not a fan of orange? No problem. Switch out the butterfly color and coordinating eyeshadow to match your fave shade. (Photo via Courtney鈥檚 Craftin鈥 and Cookin鈥)

ziggy stardust:david bowie

30. Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie): Unleash your inner rock star as David Bowie鈥檚 alter ego Ziggy Stardust. We鈥檒l take any opportunity to wear that pink faux fur coat! (Photo via Byrdie)


31. Snapchat Makeup: Yes! Here鈥檚 the way to dress up as one of your favorite forms of Social Media this Halloween! (Photo via Brit + Co)

witch halloween makeup

32. Witch: Let鈥檚 not neglect the classics. Use a little green face paint and contouring to get witchy with it in no time. (Photo via Brit + Co)

#1 mom halloween makeup

33. #1 Mom: Looking for the easiest Halloween makeup ever? Dab on your favorite mud mask and your #1 Mom costume will be ready to go. (Photo via A Bullseye View)

34. Jeweled Eyes: Top off your crazy costume with a simple look using eyeshadow, jewels and a natural lip color. This look would go perfectly with any underwater-themed costume. (Photo via Hey Mishka)

35. Dia de Los Muertos: If you鈥檙e planning on celebrating Dia de Los Muertos, try out this colorful sugar skull. Remember, practice makes perfect! (Photo via Total Beauty)

36. Colorful Clown: We don鈥檛 think we鈥檝e ever seen a prettier clown. Top off this colorful look with a set of chunky pearls and an outrageous headpiece. (Photo via elke)

37. Spider Webs: Spiderwebs on your eyes?! You betcha. Spice up your spidery look with a few jewels to make a simple look *that* much better. (Photo via elke)

38. Mime: Fashion-forward mime? Oh, it鈥檚 happening. Plus, we鈥檙e loving her vampy lip color! (Photo via elke)

39. Masquerade Mask: If your Halloween night consists of masquerade balls, we鈥檙e jealous. Paint on this look instead of holding up your mask all night long. (Photo via Discover 0)


40. Sugar Skull: Go halfsies with partial Sugar Skull makeup and a floral crown to match. Paired with her waves for days, she鈥檚 rocking a totally glam set of dual identities. (via deavita)

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