How many scrolls does it take to get to the bottom of your DIY board on Pinterest? How many of those projects have you started, let alone finished? For us, the answers to those questions are a LONG time and not nearly enough. If only every waking hour could be devoted to making! Sometimes it’s all the prep work that gets in the way of actually committing to a DIY project (Hello, eternal line at Michael’s). Rather than wasting time planning, skip straight to the creative part. We’ve put together all the supplies you need, so pick your next project and get ready to roll up those sleeves.

Leather Jewelry Roll Kit

1. Leather Jewelry Roll Kit ($39): Tangled necklace chains, be damned! There’s nothing worse than spending an extra five minutes of your morning routine prying apart jewelry. DIY this clever organizer. You’ll love the finished product *and* you can sleep easy knowing nothing is knotted up.

Stencil Kit

2. Stenciled Tee + Tote Kit ($39): Finding the perfect tee is a total pain, right? Not anymore! Design your own, then stamp it out. Don’t have the supplies at home? This kit has all the bases covered.

Sand Art Terrarium Kit

3. Sand Art Terrarium Kit ($29): Cue the nostalgia, ‘cuz this kit is the grown up version of your fave childhood sand art kit. Instead of a dino-shaped jar and way too much neon (if that’s even a thing), you get a curated palette of pebbles, sand and glitter. Did we mention the air plants and real moss bring it all to life?


4.Scrapbooking Kit ($39): If Instagram and Facebook aren’t doing it for you in the cherished memories department, it might be time to turn to the tried and true art of paper, photos and glue. Get your scrapbook going with out starter kit. (Pssst — you get it for 15 percent off when you take the online class.)

Marbled Jewelry Tray

5. Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit ($25): Working with clay need not be a messy fiasco. This colorful kit includes everything you need to craft marbled clay trays decked out in gold. Use them for paper clips, earrings, regular rings or any little knick knack that needs a home.

Dip Dyed Leash Kit

6. Dip Dyed Rope Leash Kit ($29): Unless your pooch is a real puller that needs an industrial strength leash (in which case, move along), this leash DIY is a dog-owner must-make. Who doesn’t want a functional + stylish leash for those long strolls at the dog park?

Truffles Kit

7. Chocolate Truffle Kit ($23): Near and dear to our hearts (and probably the fastest route to wooing them too) is the one and only chocolate. Instead of waiting for next month for your free truffle at Godiva, whip up your own confections the easy way.

Seed Beads Kit

8. Seed Bead Friendship Bracelet Kit ($29): Can’t decide what to get for your bestie’s upcoming birthday? We’ve got you covered. Nothing says “You’ll always be my girl, girl!” like a modern BFF bracelet.

Winter Bulb Kit

9. Winter Bulb Kit ($25): Enjoy the beauty and fragrances of fresh flowers all year round without stepping foot in the garden. For those with long-lasting winters, you’ll especially love these-blues-breaking indoor flower bulbs.

Agate Slice Coaster Kit

10. Agate Slice Coaster Kit ($39): Major trend alert! Agate is no longer limited to the realm of geology. Now you can take advantage of its natural beauty by turning thin slices of the semi-precious gemstone into coasters for your coffee table.

What projects are your conquering this week? Show us your creations on Instagram with the hashtag #iamcreative.