Is “learning a new skill” on your list of summer to-dos? Is “drinking beer” one of those items as well? Then, we’ve got a kit for you that will let you do BOTH! ;) We actually have a whole bunch of kits in the B+C Shop to make you super skilled in the kitchen, from heady kombucha to buttery Burrata to a good old American Pale Ale.

1. Kombucha Home Brew Kit ($45): We love kombucha, but those bottles are not cheap! So, why not try making it yourself? This kit includes everything you need, from instructions to ingredients to a jar to brew it in.

2. DIY Hot Sauce Kit ($35): We LOVE making things hot, hot, hot! This cute kit includes everything you need to make six different types of sauce. We love the idea of using these at a dinner party, or even giving them out as favors to friends who love spicy food.

3. Burrata and Mascarpone DIY Cheese Kit ($25): Could two cheeses be more indulgent? This kit’s got what you need to make buttery Burrata and melt-in-your-mouth Mascarpone, thanks to the folks at Urban Cheesecraft.

4. American Pale Ale Beer Brewing Kit ($45): Forget simply being a craft beer lover, it’s time become a craft beer brewer! If you like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, this kit’s the perfect thing for making your own. Each kit includes a glass carboy, funnel, racking cane, rubber stopper, transfer tubing, tubing clamp, airlock, thermometer, American pale ale recipe kit, sanitizer and guide book.

5. Irish Stout Beer Brewing Kit ($45): Or go for this Bone Dry Irish Stout, described as a dark blend of roasted malts and mild english hops with flavors of coffee, chocolate, and toffee, with a medium mouthfeel with a jet black color and toasty aromas. This kit includes all the same tools as the pale ale.

6. Rosemary Beer Bread ($8): Once you’ve got your beer good to go, perhaps you should turn it into bread? Add your favorite beer to this mix, stir and bake, and you’re done. Rosemary blends with herbs and fresh cracked pepper for a whirlwind of flavor. This bread will be a wonderful compliment to your favorite Italian dish, or a great bread to snack on with some olive oil.

7. Green Chile Cheddar Beer Bread ($8): Like the rosemary variety, this bread kit is handcrafted in small batches in Nashville. Though this isn’t a spicy bread, it does back a punch. The green chiles make for maximum flavor without the heat… a perfect balance of savory spice (not too much) and cheese.

8. Goat Cheese Kit ($29): More cheese please! This kit’ll set you up with homemade goat cheese in under an hour, for real! Each kit makes 10 batches of cheese, and will make you the most popular dinner guest in town.

9. Homemade Gin Kit ($50): And finally, GIN IT TO WIN IT. Okay maybe that word play was a stretch, but we’re into it anyway! Nothing says refreshment like an ice cold gin and tonic, so why not craft your own? You can even fire up your SodaStream and add in some tonic syrup to create DIY tonic as well! #DIYFTW

What edibles or drinkables have you always wanted to learn how to make? Talk to us in the comments below.