Considering the snow and cold over the last few weeks, any DIY that can keep us a tiny bit warmer is calling our name. And that’s why we immediately fell in love with this quick and easy project for making a cute pair of leg warmers. Remember that time we created a pair of mittens from an old cardigan? Well, the idea is similar: Refurbish an old granny sweater (or a thrift one) and create a trendy and cozy accessory.

DIY leg warmer from old sweater

Intrigued but have no sewing skills? No problem, just cut off the sleeves of an old sweater and wear them as they are, or you can consider taking a sewing class and start making accessories like a pro.


— old sweater

— matching thread

— old leg warmers (you’ll use this as a pattern)


— sewing machine

— fabric scissors

— tailor’s chalk

— pins

DIY leg warmer from old sweater


1. Take your sweater and place your old leg warmer on it so that the left side hits the cuff. Use tailor’s chalk to trace the outline.

2. Pin it in place and cut out your new leg warmer, but leave an extra inch to account for the seam.

3. Now it’s time to sew: Use your sewing machine to sew along the right outline of the leg warmer. Use a medium to small stitch (or a zig zag one if case your sweater is really thick) and proceed slowly as you sew your line.

4. Fold down one inch of the fabric from the top of your leg warmer, then sew.

5. Finally, turn it right side out, then repeat with the other leg warmer.

DIY leg warmer - how to

The first thing you’ll want to do is de-construct your sweater by using your old leg warmer as a pattern to cut out your new ones. Take your old pair of leg warmers and trace an exaggerated outline using tailor’s chalk, then pin your hem and cut out your leg warmer, leaving an extra inch to account for the seam.

Slowly sew your leg warmer using a medium to small stitch, but remember not to sew the upper part or you’ll close the ankle hole. Finally, fold the top of the leg warmer over and sew another line around to hem it. Turn it right side out. Repeat these steps with your next leg warmer.

Final image 2

And now that you have your brand new pair of leg warmers, just cozy up for a day indoors or wear them with a pair of high heels.

Final image 3
Final image 4

Have you ever made accessories from old sweaters? Show us your creations in the comments below!