When it comes to furniture, we’re all about hacking the basics. Whether you polka dot your desk, paint the legs of your latest IKEA purchase, or reupholster a flea market find, it’s easy to make a few simple changes to a cheap piece of furniture to make it yours. Today, we turn our attention to legs. Change ’em, paint ’em, or buy ’em! And for good measure we’ve thrown in a few that you can buy or just use to spark an idea. Here are 20 picks to get you inspired.

1. Gold-Dipped DIY: It’s no secret that we love a good gold accent. And these gold plated legs echo the hardware perfectly. (via Bright Green Door)

2. Nogi Table ($707): Go bold with these neon legs at a severe angle.

3. DIY Three-Legged Table: No need to match the legs when you’re rehabbing a vintage stool. The added pop of three different colors makes this stool really stand out. (via Design for Mankind)

4. Salvaged Coffee Table ($190): Bright blue metal legs + a reclaimed wood top = our favorite kind of decor.

5. Pastel Dip Dye: A reverse take on the dip-dye trend, these pastel seats are perfect for a subdued kitchen. (via Mobel Pobel)

6. Arden Chair ($709): Traditional chairs get an upgrade with just a little bit of paint. We know these are pricey, but the would be easy to DIY.

7. Washi Tape Sofa Legs: You knew we had to include some washi tape in this round up! Try a different striped pattern for each leg of your sofa. The best part? If you get tired of it, the tape will come off just as easy as it went on. (via Poppytalk)

8. Occasional Table ($750): Yet another take on the dip-dye, but what we really love about this piece is the proportions. Skinny legs on a boxy frame might sound unbalanced, but it works.

9. Pretty Pegs ($68+ for set of 4): Not down to invest in pricey furniture to get a great look? Then update your IKEA furniture with these peg legs in all kinds of colors and designs.

10. Hairpin Legs (price on request): Find your table top and then head to this Etsy shop to buy the perfect hairpin legs in any number or color you need.

11. Dipped Leg Stool: Don’t think just chairs, tables, and sofas. All the furniture in your home could use an upgrade. The black and metallic combo is tres chic. (via Dans Le Townhouse)

12. Bright Sofa Legs: We can’t decide what to focus on in this photo, the bright pink legs or the super serious kitty who’s looking right at us. (via Shelterness)

13. Elko Coffee Table ($980): Coffee tables with brightly colored legs at a jaunty angle, must be a thing, huh? We’re digging these stems.

14. Dip Dye Chair: One of our favorite chair hacks, these neon legs can take you anywhere. (via For the Love Of)

15. PBS Table (price on request): If you’re over the dip-dye trend, we’d suggest trying this color block leg. It turns the trend upside down, literally.

16. Dip-Painted Desk: Take an industrial looking desk, and turn it into a bright piece fit for a girl’s room with just a few touches of paint. (via Florence Finds)

17. Scalloped Table: You’d never guess that this round table started out looking like one you’d seen in a high school cafeteria! Check out the easy tutorial for adding facades to the legs. (via BHG)

18. Painted Geometric Legs: We love these geometric painted wooden legs. They can help tie together a color theme in your living room, even if your couch is on the neutral side. (via Morning By Foley)

19. Jake Chair (price on request): Price upon request usually means expensive, but this could easily be replicated at home with any metal chair.

20. Metropolitan Ave. Coffee Table (price on request): This is a DIY project waiting to happen. Head to the architectural salvage store to find decorative legs to add to a wood table.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!