Every so often we stumble across a trend that seems so ingenious, so easy, we just have to try it! Case in point: DIY Matte Nails. We’d read a few tutorials about using corn starch to turn regular nail polish matte, and loved the idea of hacking our favorite colors.

The verdict? It is WAY easier to buy matte nail polish than to make it, especially for the time and effort involved in making it. It can get messy, chunky, and honestly doesn’t seem worth the time spent, especially when matte nail polish is totally affordable. That being said, we’ll take you through how we did it, just in case you can’t resist a homespun beauty hack. We’ll say this: our results were definitely clumpy, messy, and not worth the time and effort spent. If you get better results, we’d love to hear from you.

 – nail polish remover

– hot pink nail polish

– teal nail polish

– base and top coat

– corn starch

 – pointy Q-tips

– small scissors

– painter’s tape

– popsicle stick (for mixing)

– paper plate

The materials for this are easy to pick up at any drug store… but so is matte nail polish that is already bottled ;)

For the pink option, we did a matte nail with a shiny tip. First, paint a top coat on your nails. Then, pour polish onto a paper plate and mix in the corn starch. Paint and let dry.

Cut painter’s tape into strips, stick onto nails, and paint the tips with regular (shiny) polish.

Peel to reveal your handiwork…

And you’re done! As you can see, the nails aren’t super smooth, the layers look clumpy, and the results are just plain messy. Aside from the regular nail polish being thicker, it’s hard to even tell which part is matte.

We did a similar move with the green, but went with a diagonal split pattern. Again, start by painting a base coat, then paint the entire nail with your homemade matte mixture. Let dry. Apply painter’s tape, and paint half of the nail with regular polish.

Et voila! Same issues with this one as the pink option. The texture of the nails isn’t smooth at all, the pattern looks clumpy, and you can barely tell what’s matte and what’s not.

All in all, it’s definitely a simple beauty hack but it’s hard to control and estimate the right amount of cornstarch. You also can’t use quick dry agents (like quick drop drops or fast dry top coat) to make the first layer dry faster, so the whole process just takes way longer than it ought to, especially for something called a “hack.” And, in general, the nails looked messy, were clumpy, and just not something you want to sport.

What beauty hacks have you seen on the web that you want us to try out? Share ideas with us in the comments below.