New Year鈥檚 Eve wouldn鈥檛 be New Year鈥檚 Eve without party dresses, bubbly cocktails and of course, party hats and hair accessories. Yes, 鈥檛is the season to wear ridiculous party headbands and take selfies with your friends, savoring every last moment of 2014. To make those iPhone snaps extra Instagram worthy, we鈥檙e showing you a super cute way to spruce up and customize some basic headbands. Grab some teeny tiny wooden letters and let鈥檚 get started.

final image 6


鈥 headbands

small wooden letters

鈥 acrylic paint


鈥 paint brush

鈥 nail file or sandpaper

鈥 hot glue gun + glue

step 1


1. Sand down your headbands so they鈥檙e ready to be glued and painted.

2. Decide what your headbands are going to say and arrange your letters accordingly. We went for Clink, Cheers and Party.

3. Glue the letters on the top of your headbands with equal space between each one. Let glue completely dry.

4. Paint any sanded areas to match the color of your headband. Finish by painting the letters and let paint completely dry before wearing.


If you want your headbands to really adhere to the letters, grab some sand paper and sand the area you鈥檙e going to glue. If you鈥檙e painting the headband as well, go ahead and sand the entire headband so that the paint will adhere more smoothly. Now decide what you want those little letters to say. We spelled out 鈥淐link,鈥 鈥淧arty鈥 and 鈥淐heers,鈥 but you could also try 鈥2015 FTW,鈥 鈥淗appy NYE鈥 or 鈥淐elebrate!鈥 Get that glue heated up, arrange the letters and glue those little guys on. After the glue has dried, grab some acrylic paint in a color that matches the headband and paint the sanded area, then paint the letters. While that鈥檚 drying, do up your hair for the evening鈥檚 festivities, practice your best selfie pose, then pop on your headband and set out for what鈥檚 bound to be an epic evening.


These adorable headbands are the perfect way to give your NYE outfit a little extra pop 鈥 and not in the champagne kind of way.

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If you鈥檙e itching for a little extra sparkle, instead of painting the letters, brush on some glue and sprinkle on a matching shade of glitter. We can鈥檛 promise you wont be shampooing tiny sparkles out your hair the next day, but who says that鈥檚 bad thing? Sparkly hair is totally in.

Are you going to DIY any NYE accessories or decor? What are you making? Share your ideas in the comments below.