For us, glitter is always in season. Sure, it can be a mess to work with, but the shimmery results are always worth it. Whether you’re adding a bit of sparkle to your booties or fairy dusting it on your face, it’s an instant way to give your look a glamorous kick. With the holidays quickly approaching, we’re guessing you’re about to see more than your share of the shiny stuff. Why not join in on the seasonal sparkle in a totally new way? Put it in your hair. Before you call us crazy, check out these 10 totally gorgeous ways to rock a head full of glitter.

1. Glitter Game: If you’re ready to get super sparkly but don’t know where to start, follow this tutorial on Nasty Gal that offers up some tips on how to not only add glitter to your hair, but also how to rock it on your face. (via Nasty Gal)

2. Braided Beauty: If you don’t want to deal with the mess that glitter can make, copy J Law’s hairstyle by weaving a jeweled headband or sparkly ribbon into a braid. (via Primped)

3. Mystical Mermaid: Rocking some cool colorful locks? Take that mane from memorable to unforgettable by adding in some sparkles. (via FEZBV)

4. Stars and Strands: Just dip your toe into the trend with some sparkly stars. Sprinkle them in your hair and keep them in place with some hairspray. (via Tineke Van Leeuwen)

5. Pony Power: Keep the sparkles contained in a glitter dipped pony. (via All Women Stalk)

6. Star Power: Pop star Rita Ora is all about about adding a little bit a glitter up top. She’s rocked the look on three separate occasions, two of which she shared on her Instagram. (via Instagram)

7. Sparkle Section: Try out the look by only adding a bit of glitter to a few different sections of hair. This is a cool option if you want to use more than one color. (via Romersk Sleepwear)

8. Glitterheads: Okay so we know this is a little much for everyday wear, but you guys, this isn’t just a head of glitter – it’s a head full of ombre glitter. For a more subdued version of this crazy style, try adding pink and red glitter to a small section of your hair. (via Hair Romance)

9. Gray Haired Goddess: This holiday season, channel your inner Jack Frost in the most fashionable way possible. (via High Quality Fashion)

10. Go for Gold: Class up this wild style by painting your part gold. The shimmery line will be subtle but definitely enough to notice. This option will make for a much easier cleanup as well. (via

What do you think? Would you try any of these looks for the holidays? If you throw some glitter on your head, tell us how it turns out.