How’s your #selftree action? You know… your selfie with a Christmas tree as the backdrop. Everyone wants to get a pic with the decked-out star of the season, and the tree selfie is an obligatory Insta for the holidays. We went on a hunt for the best of the best, and they’ll have you pining to get your own pic up on that Instagram feed.


1. Let it Glow: Let those jewel tones pop with ruby red lips and ruby red shades on the tree. (via @haylieclarkey)


2. Joy and Happiness: Get it, girl! Don’t hold in your Christmas excitement. (via @j_nelly11)


3. Riding Shotgun: Usually the tree goes on the roof, but this one is getting the VIP treatment. (via @xostefgxo)


4. Dressed to the Nines: Your tree is dressed up in its Christmas best, so you should be too! Bust out your finest holiday knit and red lip. (via @h_deary_me)


5. Family Time: If there’s a giant tree within eyeshot, gather your fam and snap a timeless keepsake. (via @meganmarysmith)


6. Date Night: What Los Angeles lacks in snow, it makes up for in awesome Christmas trees. Très romantique. (via @ladylatadji)


7. Back to the Roots: If there’s a tree farm nearby, going for a fresh one is always the most fun. Prepare for an arm workout though… or do yourself a favor and get a selfie stick. (via @evramst)


8. Star Treatment: You don’t have to be famous to be a star. (via @klo_jones)


9. #SelfTree: This ‘grammer wrote “Can we make #selftree a thing?” And we’re here to say: Yes. Absolutely. (via @lizwasden)


10. Pup Selfie: No one knows the joy of Christmas better than a pet… especially if that pet gets Christmas dinner leftovers. (via @laurenmountsx)


11. Tree Toppin’: Now that’s a beast of a tree. If our ceilings were high enough, we’d have to bust out the utility ladder too. (via @taylora_aura)


12. Get Comfy: Your onesie is the perfect look for a tree selfie. (via @zenacphillips)


13. First Christmas: The success of a couple’s first Christmas is not measured by the size of the tree, but the number of ornaments it has. (via @23nikkie)


14. A Time to Reflect: Now we’re talking! Don’t be afraid to get crafty with your selfie taking. (via @beontherock)

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