Music festivals are mostly about the music, but style and what accessories you’re going to wear each day are also a huge part of the fun. Move over flower crowns, pom poms will be taking a seat on everyone’s heads this year. After making a DIY crop top for festival season, keep crafting and complete your look with pom poms — we’ll show you how to make a statement with this DIY pom pom headband.



— plain headband

— yarn in various colors


— pom pom makers

— scissors



1. Wrap your yarn around the pom pom maker until both sides are completely filled with yarn.

2. Cut down the middle of the pom pom maker on both sides.

3. Take a piece of yarn and tie it tightly down the middle of the pom pom maker.

4. Release the pom pom from the maker, and trim until all strands are uniform.

5. Place another piece of yarn around the pom pom and tie it to your headband. Repeat these steps for the other pom poms.


Feel free to leave your pom pom untrimmed if you like it better this way.


You’ll definitely be the best dressed at Coachella in this headband!


Now you’re ready to take on festival season!


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