Ladies, brace yourselves — festival season is here! Along with the music, memories, and good vibes comes the risk of sunburns, frizzy hair, and other not-so-glamorous sides of the fun.We’ve partnered up with Alterna Haircare to bring you the best tips and tricks for tackling the hot sun and living your best festival life, without sacrificing luxury.Grab your festie bestie and start taking notes, because we’re serving up some serious pointers on keepin’ it glam all weekend long.

Hydration Is Key

All that dancing under the summer sun will leave you feeling thirsty, especially if you’re indulging in some cocktails. It is quintessential for your inner and outer beauty that you stay hydrated. Up your H2O game by adding slices of fruit and herbs in your bottle — voila, “Spa Water” to go.

Power to the Shimmery SPF

Lather up in SPF; your sunburn-free skin and older self will praise you for this. To take your sunscreen to the next level, mix in a loose shimmer powder. You’ll be glowing all day long.

Fight the Frizz

Keep the frizz at bay by starting your morning right, blowing out your hair with Caviar Anti-Frizz Blowout Butter. Y’all, this stuff is butter in your hands! The lightweight, melting cream-to-oil formula tames even the most defiant, frizzy hair while protecting from heat-styling and humidity. It helps seal in moisture and keep hair smoother for a longer period of time, 80 percent less frizz for up to 72 hours to be exact! AKA, while you dance the weekend away to your all-time fave artists!


Braided Babe

A half-up half-down look is the perfect way to stay cool and keep a polished look. The inside-out waterfall French braid is a festival goer’s BFF. To achieve this look, start with a natural center part for a sophisticated, softer look.

Begin by evenly applying Caviar Anti-Frizz Blowout Butter to damp hair and blow dry. Starting at the left or right section of your part, create three sections. Begin a regular braid, and once you’ve completed your first three over/unders, pick up a small section of the hair above the braid and incorporate it by bringing it under. Work at a downward angle, so that braids from the left and right will meet at the mid back section of your head. Continue adding upper pieces of your hair to the braid. Once you’ve reached the back center of your head, stop adding pieces and finish with a regular braid. Repeat on the other side; you’re almost done!

Separate hair with your fingers to create a thicker, full braid. Using small bobby pins that match your hair color, pin up braids, hiding the ends. Once you’ve completed pinning up your braid, add waves. The bigger the curling iron, the softer the body of your hair will be, creating subtle waves.

Refreshing Face Mist

Spritz your way to a refreshed face with a DIY face mist. To create your own, you’ll need glass spray bottles, rosewater, witch hazel, and tea tree oil. Mix equal parts rosewater and witch hazel and add a drop of oil. You will instantly feel rejuvenated upon applying.

How will you beat the heat this festival season? We’d love to hear your tips or see ours in use! Share with us on Instagram with the hashtag #IamCreative and #AlternaNation.

Photography: Brittany Griffin

Styling + DIY production + Author: Cassidy Miller

Model: Torii Burnett