If you’re a total klutz like me, you want anything but your own two hands to hold your electronics (seriously, I’m in the running for the world record for cracked phone screens). Keep your tablet or phone propped up safely with this cheery stand. A splash of neon adds a bright pop to a beautiful wood slab, making the perfect display for your tablet, notebooks or cards.



— natural wood slab tablet stand

— neon pink paint

— skinny painter’s tape

— foam paintbrush


Round up your materials and get ready to make the easiest blog-worthy project ever!


Use your skinny painter’s tape to mask off sections of your tablet stand that you would like to paint. Make sure you press down firmly along the tape to create crisp, clean lines. We added a few different lines to create a fragmented geometric design on the top of the stand.


Brush on the neon pink paint using your foam brush, staying within your taped lines. Give your tablet stand a good two or three coats of paint to get a really opaque finish on all sides.


Let the paint dry for an hour or so, then carefully peel away the tape to reveal your design.


If you have any messy lines, carefully clean them up with your brush. That’s it! Geometry: check. Wood: check. Accent color: check. You just nailed three interior design trends with one project.


How are you making these tablet stands your own? Tell us in the comments below.

DIY Production and Styling: Lee Schellenberger and Marianne Koo

Photography: Chris Andre