Is it weird that I’m in love with these taco ornaments? They are just the cutest! The real inspiration came from wrapping paper that I recently bought from Target. The print was just calling my name, saying, “Kelly, can you please turn me into an ornament?” Follow along to learn how to make these cuties for your own Christmas tree.

DIY Taco Christmas Ornament





  1. Draw a long oval onto your cardboard and then cut it out.
  2. Cover both sides of the cardboard with yellow felt. Attach with hot glue.
  3. Fold the oval in half to create a taco shell base. Glue a piece of yellow felt to each side to hold the sides of the taco in place.
  4. Create pom-poms out of the brown and green yarn. Glue the brown pom-poms on the bottom and then layer the green pom-poms on top.
  5. Cut small squares of red felt and glue on top of the green pom-poms. This is your pico de gallo.
  6. Create the taco’s face with black paint and his hat and scarf from red felt or ribbon.

Draw a long oval on your cardboard. Make sure there is enough room to create a 1-2 inch base once the taco sides are folded up.


Cut out your cardboard oval and glue onto the yellow felt.


Glue another piece of yellow felt on top. Make sure you secure the edges with glue before you cut out the oval shape.


Use a piece of yellow felt to hold the taco shell in its shape.


Time to create the taco filling. Wrap brown yarn around all four fingers to make taco meat pom-poms. Each shell should have three to four pom-poms.


Create smaller green pom-poms around two fingers for the lettuce. Create 3-4 lettuce pom-poms for each taco shell.


Hot glue the brown pom-poms onto the bottom of the taco shell and then the green pom-poms on top of the brown.

DIY Taco Christmas Ornament

Cut the red felt into small squares to create pico de gallo. Hot glue on top of the green lettuce.

DIY Taco Christmas Ornament

Time to create the cutest face of all time. Use black puff paint to create eyes and a mouth.

DIY Taco Christmas Ornament

Use red felt or ribbon to create the taco’s scarf and Christmas hat.

DIY Taco Christmas Ornament

Use string, yarn or ribbon to hang your taco onto your Christmas tree.

DIY Taco Christmas Ornament

“Hello there! I’m cute.”

DIY Taco Christmas Ornament

This is my dream Christmas tree — tacos and disco balls for life.

DIY Taco Christmas Ornament

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin and Kurt Andre

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