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21 DIY Winter Wedding Favors for Guests to Cozy Up To

The definition of romance is a winter wedding, when snowflakes + shawls + snuggles = coziness. Add flickering candles, evergreen wreaths and touches of gold for a warm style that makes you forget it’s bitter cold out. When the night comes to an end, let your guests take home some of that magic with these DIY wedding favors.

Mini Snow Globe

1. Shake Things Up: Create a winter wonderland right before your eyes in this DIY wedding favor. Making your own snow globes for favors is fairly easy, but you’ll need a ton of empty baby food jars. Guests will love being able to hold winter in the palm of their hand. (via Evermine Weddings)

Gold champagne bottle and straw

2. Break Out the Bubbly: Start the party off right with individual bottles of champagne. Corks will be popping before the night’s end with this hit favor. (Photo via Rhinehart Photography)

Hand Warmers

3. Baby, It’s Cold Outside: While you’re keeping cold feet at bay on your wedding day, help your guests keep their hands toasty with these adorable DIY hand warmers. With endless fabric options, find a few designs that match your wedding-day vibe. (via Swoon Studio)

Mint Sugar Scrub

4. Magical Winter Mint: Tell everyone you two were “mint” to be with this delectable sugar scrub. With only four ingredients, it’s practically foolproof. Dress up the Mason jar or other container with ribbon or twine, and you’ve found yourself a favor guests will use for weeks to come. (via Love Grows Wild)


5. Your Love Fills My Cup: Wedding favor commandment one: Let your favor be useful. A coffee or hot chocolate bar is the perfect memento for any winter wedding. Give your guests a mug full of love, and use it as a guest favor. Chances are, your mug will be one of the most fashionable on their shelf. (Photo via Jamie Clayton Photography)

Peppermint bark

6. Bark Up the Chocolate Tree: Give your guests a sugary sweet treat with peppermint bark. This recipe is so good, the DJ might have to make an announcement for guests to fight nicely over any extras. You’ll definitely want to stash some away for yourselves for after the wedding! (Photo via Lotus Blossom Photography)

Maple Syrup

7. Give Me Some Sugar: Nothing melts the heart like some maple syrup goodness. All you’ll need are some adorable bottles and enough maple syrup to cover the state you’re getting married in. (Photo via Sunny 16 Photography)

Chocolate Coffee Beans

8. Buzzed on Love: Coffee — the one thing that makes the world go round each and every morning. If you and your honey share a passion for some good roasted beans, share it with your guests by making chocolate-covered espresso beans. Bonus: Your guests will have no excuse for not having enough energy to get out there on the dance floor. (via Evermine Weddings)

Personalized Gold Ornament

9. Deck the Tree: Spread some holiday cheer with personalized ornaments! You and your bridesmaids, in one night of crafting and wining, can have some beautiful handmade ornaments for each and every guest’s tree. (via Pizzazzerie)

Glitter Champagne

10. Sparkling Is Out. Glittering Is In: When life hands you glitter, get crafting. Your guests will love these DIY glitter-dipped mini champagne bottles. Pro tip: Provide cute paper bags for the trip home — otherwise, a glitter explosion may happen in their car. (Photo via Ducky Jessica Photography)


11. Love Is in the Air: Candles are the perfect romantic touch, and any guest would appreciate one that smells as amazing as these cinnamon-scented tea lights. With some cinnamon sticks, ribbon and maybe a sprig of pine, you can have handcrafted favors done in one sitting. (via Domestically Blissful)

Plaid Mug Wraps

12. Wrapped in Love: With a little time and elbow grease, you can create a cozy mug wrap your guests will never want to put down. Use ribbon or crochet your own cozy with colors and textures to match your wedding. (via ConfettiStyle)


13. You Keep Me Hanging On: ‘Tis the season to spread some holiday cheer, so why not send your guests home with a custom-designed Christmas bauble? Small and dainty, these ornaments would look lovely displayed on a Christmas tree in your reception space as guests enter. (via Want That Wedding)

Pinecone Fire Starter

14. Come on Baby, Light My Fire: Give some light to those you love with these easy DIY pinecone fire starters. Display your creations on tiered cake trays or attach tags with your guests’ names and table numbers to double as an escort card. (via Evermine Weddings)

Gold and purple

15. “Jewel” Be My Love Forever: Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but any woman would love some more sparkle in her life, no matter what the type. Fill vials with enchanting gems for guests to make a keepsake bracelet or use to craft. (Photo via Sarah McAffry)

Roasted Nuts

16. Love Is Yum: Bags will be crinkling when guests find out you’ve made homemade roasted nuts for their favor. From the traditional winter chestnut to making your own seasoned mix, this treat will be a sure-fire hit. (via oh!myWedding)

Pine Candle

17. Pining for You: Your sense of smell provokes some of the strongest memories. Create your own soy candles with hints of pine, balsam and cranberries for some seasonal cheer and to remind guests of the love you and your new spouse share. (via Evermine Occasions)

Instant Mocha Mix

18. Instant Connection: For an inexpensive way to spread some cheer, whip up your own hot chocolate mix, complete with mini marshmallows. Mason jars or stoppered vials are convenient and beautiful containers for guests to have as keepsakes long after they’ve enjoyed their mug of chocolaty goodness. (via Something Turquoise)

Tree in a Tin

19. Let Love Grow: Memories will be made with this winter wedding favor. If guests aren’t traveling too far, give them a beautiful pine tree to plant in their own backyard. For years to come, they’ll have the memory of your wedding and be able to use it for decorating each and every holiday season. (Photo via Paige Williams Photography)

Vanilla Extract

20. Love Potion: Add a splash of sweetness to your day with these homemade vanilla extract favors. Vanilla extract is surprisingly easy to make and is a staple item for the kitchen. (via Tasty Yummies)

Wood ornaments

21. “Wood” You Stay With Me?: These etched birch ornaments are adorable and functional – what’s better than that? Wood burners are fairly affordable, and snowflakes are perfect for letting your creative juices flow. (via Design Mom)

Are you planning a winter wedding? Invited to one? Share your ideas for favors you’d like to take home in the comments!