Dudes, you’ve outdone yourselves this year. We thought last year’s submissions were creative, but this year has knocked it out of the park. After combing through hundreds of handmade costumes, outrageously awesome makeup ideas, and some of the cutest kid costumes ever, here are our top 3 winners!!

1. Green Toy Army Men: First up, the parents of these kids definitely did a stellar job of recreating the army men from Toy Story. The green morphsuits underneath really take this costume to the next level.

2. We Can Do It Vintage Poster: Yes, we love this DIY costume! The poster is perfectly executed, and the woman wearing it would totally motivate us.

3. Napoleon and Kip Dynamite: Call us weak for a movie that includes a dance sequence to Jamiroquai, but this costume definitely made us laugh the hardest. The poses, the costumes, the sort of blank sidewalk backdrop. It’s all just perfect.

As we mentioned in our announcement post, each of these winners wins 2 Brit Kits of their choice from the Brit + Co. shop. We can’t wait to see what the winners choose!

Of course, because we love to share and know you do too, here are seven more of the costumes that totally made us look. We’ll call them honorable mentions for the sake of fame and glory, but only the top 3 winners listed above can officially win.

Seattle Barbie: The combination of DIY and snarkiness on this one is pretty awesome. Love that the accessories list includes both a North Face fleece vest and “passive-aggressive phases.”

Daft Punk: Hey… this looks familiar! We love these mini Daft Punks and listen to “Get Lucky” on a daily basis.

Breaking Bad: Celebrate (or mourn) the final season of Breaking Bad by dressing as the two stars of this now-cult classic.

Mouse in a Trap: Not only is this DIY costume clever and well-executed but it gets a million points for the comfort factor.

Vending Machine: Who needs to run around the neighborhood collecting candy when you can be vending it?!

Jasmine and Raja: Sometimes, going classic is the best way to go. A Disney princess and her sidekick tiger never looked so adorable ;)

Scuba Baby: And finally, meet Scuba Baby. The best part? The double Gatorade oxygen pack.

Ready to start planning for Halloween 2014? No time like the present to visit the costumes section of Brit + Co! ;)

Did you dress up this year? What were you? Talk to us in the comments below.