These Dogs Re-Enacting 8 Famous Romantic Movies Will Complete You
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These Dogs Re-Enacting 8 Famous Romantic Movies Will Complete You

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While everyone celebrates this holiday a little bit differently, the DogVacay family — which boards your pooches for those special days or, ahem, evenings when you need a little alone time — had an especially adorable way of sharing their love for their favorite, most loyal partners. And if you’re a fan of basically any classic rom-com or romantic movie, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy their shenanigans too. Scroll on to see some adorable pooches in some epic love scenes with their owners.

1. Titanic: Let’s set the scene: Rose and Jack during their famous painting scene just before the ship goes down. It’s the tail as old as time.

2. Love Actually: They love you no matter what. They’re there through every heartbreak and happy moment. To us, every pooch is perfect.

3. Ghost: Looking into each other’s souls… or just making water bowls. There will be no sad-happy ending here — just lots of good times ahead.

4. Grease: Here’s a love that’s too cool for school. Any pooch in a leather jacket was meant to be photographed and fawned over.

5. Sixteen Candles: He’s finally noticing her… and she’s just hoping she gets a treat for sitting.

6. Dirty Dancing: Nobody puts your baby in the corner! In fact, a cute little outfit and a stroll around the block is all she needs.

7. Pretty Woman: Her collar just got a serious upgrade. Yes, rubies required — though maybe just bacon bits will do.

8. Lady and the Tramp: Spaghetti and meatballs. A pet partner and her dog. A match made in heaven.

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(Photos via DogVacay)