This one’s for you, cat ladies and dog lovers! Pets have become part of our families. They’re so much more than just furry friends and constant companions; they give us more TLC than we could ask for (although there’s always room for more snuggles and cuddles), are always ready to listen to us vent (oh… you don’t talk to your cat/dog?) and give us constant love and support we just can’t get from other humans sometimes.


To say that some are obsessed with their animals is an understatement. There are pet hotels, pet clothing lines and even famous pets these days. Pets have replaced children for some people and that exemplifies just how precious they are to us. We want the best for ourselves + our loved ones, so why should our pets be any different? To save you time and money and to keep your furry friends happy and healthy, we’ve rounded up 9 products that you and your pet can share!


1. Bag Balm ($10): Buy some of this stuff from the nearest drugstore ASAP! It’s amazing — incredibly multi-purpose, long-lasting and inexpensive. Don’t be turned off by its originally intended use, though — it was made for chapped cow udders (yeppp!) but it’s become a popular “everything balm” in recent years. It contains a small amount of antiseptic, so it’s great for scrapes + cuts on your pets’ paws or skin. You can use it basically anywhere, but we recommend using it to tame unruly eyebrows and to speed up healing blemishes.


2. Cheese Please Treats ($6): Haven’t you always wanted to eat dog treats? No? Oh. Well, good news: These natural dog treats have only one ingredient, y’all, and it’s cheese. If you + your dog are cheeseaholics, give these a try! We don’t recommend replacing your daily snack with these dog treats, but you can definitely give them a try. People claim they’re pretty salty, but tasty.


3. Wahl Refresh Cleaning Wipes ($8): It’s crazy these are *intended* for dogs and cats because they feature some really human-friendly scents, like lavender chamomile and coconut lime. These are multi-purpose; you can clean your dog’s paws, face, ears and fur with them. You can also safely and effectively give your hands a swipe with them after you’ve left the dog park. Why do owners always seem to leave dog parks with more dirty on them than their dogs?


4. Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Spray ($11): No one likes getting pesky bug bites — your animals included. We often forget to think about bug bite protection for our pets, but it’s important because it could prevent them from getting fleas. This spray is all-natural and works for dogs, cats and humans. Bonus? It’s completely free of harsh chemicals like deet.


5. Coconut Oil ($6): As if you didn’t love coconut oil enough already, this stuff does wonders for animals, too. A small amount in pets’ food can help with digestion, make their coats super shiny and even help to prevent infection. Try adding a teaspoon to your cat’s food and two tablespoons to your dog’s food to start. You already know how many incredible benefits coconut oil has for humans, including being a great all-over moisturizer and addition to your cooking.


6. Mauro Pet Care Hot Spots Healing Solution ($17): This stuff is simply awesome. It smells incredible, is 100% all-natural (the ingredients rival an expensive facial oil) and actually does what it says: relieve dry and irritated skin. Use it on pets as a therapeutic solution to itchy skin, and use it for the same reason on yourself. Test a small area of your skin first, though.


7. Young Living Lavender Essential Oil ($31): More and more info is coming out explaining the benefits of using essential oils on pets — you just have to know which oils are best and exactly how much to use. Lavender oil smells fantastic, for my fellow humans who haven’t discovered this stuff yet. It’s been used by veterinarians to help calm stressed-out animals. Douse a cotton ball in the oil and then tape it on a cage or near the area where your pet sleeps. It’s also been noted to help treat ear aches for humans.


8. Natural Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Capsules ($20) + Pet Food Supplements ($17): This oil is so good for us and our pets; it’s just taken in a different form. It’s like a mega-dose of those good fats you hear about in salmon. It has similar health benefits for our pets: it promotes healthy skin + coat and encourages a top-notch immune system. For humans, we recommend taking it in capsules; for pets, you can consider using it as a food supplement so your pet can reap its crazy-good benefits, too.


9. Natural Dog Company Snout Soother ($5 – $61): Dubbed the Chapstick for dogs, this soothing blend of organic, vegan ingredients is designed to — you guessed it — soothe their sometimes dry + cracked snouts. For humans, we recommend using this as an intensely nourishing cuticle cream. It contains hempseed oil, shea nut butter, grapeseed oil, vitamin E and more.

Are you going to try any of these on your pet and/or yourself? Let us know in the comment section below!