Earlier this month, we teamed up with The Home Depot ® to introduce friends, fellow makers and local influencers to the brand new Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer here at Brit + Co SF. The event was a smash, complete with DIY projects, the best grilled cheese sandos ever and 3D printed everything. Oh, and one of the folks attending the event actually walked away with his very own 3D printer. WHAT! Yes. That’s how we roll.

Before we share all sorts of behind-the-scenes snaps from this fun event, here’s a little more info about the Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer: Deluxe, yet affordable, compact yet contained, this 19-pound workspace is designed to fit in your workspace, without too much impact. At $999, the Idea Builder also happens to be one of the most affordable options on the market.

Dremel 3D is intuitive, with a pre-installed extruder and software that works without the user having to hook it up to a computer. You can basically take it right out of the box, turn it on, feed in some filament, slip in an SD card and press print. In fact, the printer comes with 10 designs ready to go right out of the box. No SD card or computer required! Of course, if you want to get creative your computer and SD card are pretty essential ;)

Now, let’s head behind the scenes.

To get prepped for the event, we printed mini hammers, screwdrivers and tags.

We created a DIY station where guests could customize 3D printed tags with paint pens, rhinestones and the like. If you had your own Idea Builder, this would be such a fun way to create custom gift tags for the holidays!

Don’t worry — the Dremel 3D had plenty of friends hanging around… even if we didn’t have time to finish printing one of them ;)

As part of the event, attendees entered to win their own Idea Builder 3D Printer. Gift cards made for pretty good prizes, but we couldn’t wait to see who’d win the real deal.

And the winner is…

This dude in the stripes! Yay stripes! One of our favorite features of the Dremel is the fact that it comes completely assembled. You simply lift the top off the box, pull down the edges, plug in and you’re ready to print. Pretty amazing packaging!

Also, how fun is this 3D tic tac toe game? Now, if only there was a way to print your own Connect Four… looks like we’ve got a new project on our 3D to-do list!

All in all, we’re definitely in LIKE with the Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer. It’s available for pre-order now (shipping in November) so be sure to get your name on that list!

Thanks to The Home Depot ® for partnering with us to launch this awesome, innovative 3D printer!

This post is a collaboration with The Home Depot ®.