We’ve totally become accustomed to basic things being transformed by technology, such as printing, reading and, well, even moving, so we guess it’s only to be expected that the latest in home cleaning tools takes the form of a… robot? That’s right! Dyson’s new robot vacuum cleaner, the 360 Eye, has finally made its debut in the smart gadget market after 16 years in the making.

Because James Dyson claims that “accurate navigation is the key to cleaning properly,” the 360 Eye uses its embedded 360-degree camera to take pictures and create a live map of whatever room it’s in. With the map in mind, it proceeds to find the center of the room and vacuums one 10 square-foot section at a time. Because the device tracks its path via the camera, it never wastes power or time going over the same sections again and again. And with more suction power than the other robot vacuums out there, it doesn’t need to!

The robot vacuum sits in a charging station against a wall, and releases itself to clean upon your demand. And don’t think you have to be standing in the room with the gadget to get it going… the 360 Eye can be controlled via a smartphone app over Wi-Fi, allowing you to start and stop your little cleaning buddy while on vacation, at the office or just in a different room (yes, sometimes we’re that lazy, too!). The 360 Eye avoids walls, pets and table legs by employing its infrared sensors and spatial knowledge, basically mimicking a human’s ability to avoid running into things. When the room has been thoroughly cleaned, the vacuum returns to its charging station to await it’s next go-around.

Dyson’s robot vacuum is scheduled for release in Japan in early 2015, and is predicted to be priced around $1,000. The 360 Eye will be available in other markets, such as the U.S., in fall 2015… so start saving!

See Dyson’s new gadget in action below:

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(h/t Wired and CNet)