Since the glorious birth of GPS, we admit that we’ve neglected our collection of maps, atlases, and travel guides. But these geographic artifacts are way too interesting, historic, and beautiful to collect dust until the end of time. So, whether you’ve trekked the globe or have immense pride for your hometown, get adventurous with these 35 ways to reuse your old maps.

1. Nail Transfer: Do not leave for your next road trip without giving yourself the ultimate traveler’s mani. All it takes is a little rubbing alcohol and a paper map to get your fingers dolled up for the open road. (via ModCloth)

2. Ephemera Pots: This is a creative way to collect and display your most memorable travel trinkets. Just decoupage torn pieces from a map of your vacation destination onto a set of planter pots. (via Stampington & Company)

3. Decorative Candle Wrap: Don’t you wish all of your candles could look this pretty? They totally can! Simply snip the map of your choosing so it fits snugly around your candlestick and Mod Podge to hold. (via The Inspired Housewife)

4. Map Stitch Artwork: This is the perfect way to remember your most cherished travel routes, from college road trips to summer hikes and beyond. Simply find the path you traveled on a map and stitch away until you reach your destination. (via Martha Stewart Living)

5. Map Bangle: Here’s a bracelet DIY to add to our must-try list. Make the seams of each map strip less noticeable by making sure they’re cut into super thin strips. (via CraftStylish)

6. Faux Vintage Pull Down Map: This map hack is definitely a means to an end: a few dowel rods and pull tabs later, you’ve constructed a vintage-style school map that can be hung as wall art or even a window shade if it’s large enough! (via Julie Ann Art)

7. Map Wall Art: Not only are we into the idea of breaking up a large art image into several small pieces to cover a wall, but we love that this blogger made her own map design! What kind of map would you design for your room? (via The Life of CK and Nate)

8. Map Feathers: Turn the frayed pages of an old atlas into fun feathers. They’d make great ornaments, hair accessories or earrings! (via Silly Eagle Books)

9. Valentine’s Map Hearts: This is an adorable Valentine’s Day idea – cut a heart out of a map that shows the place where you’re from, the location your partner is from, and the spot where you two are now! Also makes a great housewarming gift for couples or besties. (via From China Village)

10. Globe Garland: The go-to garland for globetrotters! We’ll be stringing these orbs if Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego ever returns to the airwaves (we hope the rumors are true!) Do it Rockapella! (via Poppytalk)

11. Map Wallet: You’ve got the whole world in your hands with this rad wallet! Self-adhesive contact paper affixed to the map makes it durable enough to sew into this nifty pocket-sized pouch. (via By Wilma)

12. Map Lampshade: Turn a bedside lamp into your very own glowing globe. It sets the mood for heroic tales sure to invoke adventurous dreams. (via Silver Boxes)

13. Map Matte Board: This map reincarnation is perfect for commemorating wedding destination photos or study abroad adventures. Simply cover your matte board in map. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

14. Gift Bow Tutorial: You don’t have to be an origami master to fold this map into a darling gift bow! Step-by-step images demystify how this complex-looking gift topper is assembled. (via Entirely Smitten)

15. Magnetic Craft Tray: If you find that your fridge is too fully decorated with photo booth pictures and take-away menus, then try tackling these magnetic map trays. We think the ocean blue spray paint is a nice finishing touch ;) (via Fox Hollow Cottage)

16. Map Magnets: Of course we have to follow up a magnetic map tray with DIY map magnets! (Try saying that five time fast.) Skip the cut and paste of flimsy map paper to a more secure surface by making these out of a jigsaw puzzle pieces. (via Natalme)

17. Map Envelope: Do people still have pen pals? If so, this is the perfect envelope to send them your next handwritten life update. This blogger gets brownie points for making a downloadable template to follow! (via Confetti Sunshine)

18. Decorative Tape: The trick to making this decorative tape is so mind-blowingly simple that you’ll never go back to transparent tape again! Not to mention it packs quite a quirky punch when its fastened onto a rustic butcher paper wrapped present. (via M. Kat Safar)

19. Paper Fan: Hardcore travelers know that there’s no AC in the jungle. So be prepared for the hot weather wherever you land with this fan! The map element of this tutorial is a scalloped medallion used to tag each pre-made fan, but we’re gonna challenge Brit + Co readers to make their own map fan from scratch! (via Weddingbells)

20. Map Covered Side Table: Seeing the before and after upfront, how much would you guess this transformation from bare to beautiful cost? The answer: two measly dollars! It just another example of the beauty of DIY. (via Poppytalk)

21. Map Pendant Light: Turn a plain paper lantern into a show-stopping centerpiece for any room with the help of a handful of vintage map cutouts. Patience pays off, as you can see, so stock up ahead of time with plenty of hot glue sticks and a bottle of wine. (via Paisley Sprouts)

22. Map Shoes: Show off your stomping grounds with this stylish shoe hack. Since the adhesive works best on canvas, now’s the time to makeover that worn pair of Vans in the back of your closet. (via Something Monumental)

23. Pendant Necklace: If home is where your heart is, then keep your homeland close by with this chandelier pendant necklace. This dazzling dangler would also make a pretty keychain or wine glass pendant. (via Pork & Periwinkle)

24. Map Covered Shoe Boxes: The most thrifty among us are sure to get behind this map-wrapped DIY. Sure it’s 101 level, but there’s a reason why these time-tested tricks are still around. (via Wear the Canvas)

25. Letter Decor: Marquees are so hot right now, but can be so expensive. Why not make your own? Opt for a map-covered letter like this or get additional inspiration from these 22 ways to display your initials. (via LexyLevin)

26. Travel Memory Map: Put your most memorable travel moments on full display with this travel map DIY. We adore that each pushpin holds a mini-photo to represent each location visited, but the best part about this project is that you can keep adding on as you explore! (via Oh Happy Day)

27. Shadowbox Map Frame: So you’re short on frames but have some seriously sentimental photos to display from a recent trip? Save some dough by turning your an old shoebox into a shadowbox! Even if you don’t have one laying around, it’s WAY more fun to buy a new pair of kicks ;) (via Brit + Co.)

28. Map Coasters: If you’ve ever discovered a delicious drink in a faraway land, then these map coasters are right up your alley. Whether it’s cider from England or an Italian Bellini, these coasters are sure to conjure memories of your very first sip. (via Martha Stewart Living)

29. Map Votives: There’s nothing more comforting to a weary traveler than the warm glow of a flickering candle. These map covered votives are similarly soothing. (via Arrow & Apple)

30. Jenga Keychain: This is the perfect way to keep the keys to your vacation home. And we just love the versatility of Jenga blocks: first a color block jewelry organizer, now a map-sided keychain…what is next? (via Sarah Ortega)

31. Map Place Setting: Most of our favorite foods like pasta and pancakes have their origin from someplace around the globe. Celebrate those culinary roots with this worldly place setting that includes a map-made mat and silverware holder. (via Smile and Wave)

32. iPhone Case: Save your dough on international calls and pay homage to far away lands with these map iPhone cases. Spiff up your phone cover with your current location or most-dialed destination. (via

33. Travel Map: Literally pinpoint your every move with this DIY travel map. Spray paint pushpins varying colors to signify places you’ve been and places you need to knock off your bucket list. (via Lovely Indeed)

34. Map Serving Tray: There’s nothing quite like room service when you’re out on the road. So relive that pampering experience with this 100 percent food safe map serving tray. (via Moments of Delight…Anne Reeves)

35. Map Wine Rack: Scraps of mailing tubes make the base for this map wine rack. We’d love to integrate this idea with our coffee can wine rack and label each color block compartment with a map of our favorite wine regions! (via Instructables)

Have you used a map in your DIY escapades? Tell us all about your projects in the comments.