Christmas is less than three months away, and Hanukkah is even closer! We know some of you may be thinking we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves talking about the holidays, but honestly you DO NOT want to leave all that important shopping to the last minute (like you might have last year). As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, and in this case you early birds will be snapping up the *perfect* presents for everyone on your list. Whether you’re shopping for mom, your S.O. or a white elephant office party, here are 50+ gifts from the Brit + Co Shop that will guarantee your holiday season is the merriest and brightest.


gift 1

1. Antler Necklace ($36 – $88): This eye-catching necklace has a rugged yet refined feel that any lady will love. Pair it with both casual + fancier outfits for a rustic-chic look.

gift 2

2. Lomo’Instant Camera ($119): This is the perfect gift for the shutterbug or photographer in your life. Shoot awesome photos instantly with the touch of a button and get a little experimental with two manual shooting modes.

gift 3

3. PS Color Block Clutch ($45): The cool neutrals + hints of bold color in this clutch evoke SoCal desert vibes that we cannot get enough of. Versatility AND style? Yes, please.

gift 4

4. Garden Jars – Self-Watering Herb Kits ($20): These self-sustaining mason jar planters make growing an herb garden a cinch! Snag just one or get all four varieties for $80.

gift 5

5. Florabunda Mobile Charger ($30): In today’s world, we always have our smartphones on hand for important #girlboss business. Never run out of precious, precious battery life ever again with the help of his pretty mobile charger.

gift 6

6. Hair Tie Bracelet – Flower Design ($45 – $85): Speaking of something always on hand (or rather, something we always WISH was on hand): hair ties. This bangle bracelet ensures those coveted elastic bands stay put in the most stylish way possible.

gift 7

7. Watercolor Painting Kit ($119): If you know someone who really loves to ARTy hard, this kit will make all those watercolor painting dreams into a reality. Don’t forget to pair it with this online class for the full immersion experience ;)

gift 8

8. Diamond Dusted Studs ($40 – $55): Take a page from Rihanna’s book and shine bright like a diamond with these delicate stud earrings. We think these would look gorgeous with a LBD + some strappy heeled sandals for a night out.

gift 9

9. 2016 Floral Planner ($34): This planner will help all dreamers, doers + go-getters map out their tasks and goals for the new year. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s ridiculously pretty. Floral print on POINT.

gift 10

10. Beauty Station ($70): This one is a real people pleaser. Handcrafted from bamboo, this beauty station is a complete product organizer, display AND smartphone + iPad dock. ‘Nuff said.


gift 11

1. American Pale Ale Brewing Kit ($45): Three cheers for beer, y’all! This kit has everything necessary to turn craft beer aficionados into actual craft beer brewers.

gift 12

2. SKEYE Nano Drone ($49): Tech toys like this tiny drone make super cool gifts that all ages can enjoy. Trust us, this quadcopter will become his latest gadget obsession.

gift 13

3. BBQ Sauce Trio ($24): Spicy, smokey + sweet, this sauce trio will take your grilling game from 0 to 100. Those BBQ parties you’ll be having in the future? The best. EVER.

gift 14

4. Cassette Tape Cufflinks ($22): Whether the guy in your life is a musician or just a music lover, these unique cufflinks will add cool flair to his suit + tie look. Who said nine-to-five outfits had to be boring?

gift 15

5. Cold Bruer ($75): Early mornings are about to get a whole lot better. Snag this cold brew coffee maker so you (+ your boo) can fix those caffeine cravings from the comfort of home.

gift 16

6. Ficks Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier – Set of Three ($33): Bye bye, hangovers! These tasty cocktail fortifiers add a splash of flavor to your drinks + use electrolytes and vitamins to banish post-drinking ills. Party on, dudes.

gift 17

7. StickR TrackR ($25): Never spend another morning mad dashing to find your keys on your way out the door. This coin-sized Bluetooth tracker will always have your back.

gift 18

8. DIY Artisan Hot Sauce Kit ($30): Get ready to kick it up a notch. This kit comes equipped with everything needed to make three fiery + fantastic hot sauces. In the words of Paris Hilton… that’s hot.

gift 19

9. Spinner 360 ($99): Ummm, this is the coolest camera ever. Go beyond the confines of regular photography + take amazing 360° pics with this little gadget. SO rad.

gift 20

10. Rye Whiskey Caramel Sauce ($30): Whiskey and organic cream make this smokey-sweet sauce seriously delicious. Pour it on waffles, bread pudding, coffee, ice cream + so much more. Bonus: it’s soy- and gluten-free.

Gifts for Foodies

1. Reindeer Mug Kit ($29): You’ll be wishing for more nights in with this inkable mug to cozy up to. With all the ingredients to make gingerbread cookies and cocoa, this kit will definitely warm you up and satisfy your sweet tooth.


2. Mantry Food Crate Subscription ($85): A subscription to Mantry is the perfect gift for the man who hungers for the finer things in life. With each monthly theme (like Bourbon Breakfast or Hecho en America) comes a bounty of delicious food you won’t find anywhere else.


3. Sorry I’m Gluten Free Tee ($24): Hey, it’s nothing personal. You’re just not about the gluten life.


4. You Had Me At Merlot Print ($45): Grape nut, wino, wine enthusiast, oenophile, collector or cognoscente… whatever they call themselves, this print is a must for wine lovers.


5. 9-Piece Nest Set ($50): Know someone who’s building their collection of cookware? Knock it all out with this space-saving set, which has a solid foundation of all the measuring and mixing utensils they need.


6. Citrus Floral Recipe Box and Cards ($34): Here’s a recipe box you won’t want to hide in the cupboard. Just in time for delicious holiday treats, we think this is the most cheerful way to collect and swap recipes.


7. Deluxe Cheese Kit ($50): Forget Cheese of the Month Club, this is cheese you can make in your own home! Bragging rights also included in your purchase ;)


8. Artisan S’mores Kit ($20): Your favorite campfire treat can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime! We’re pro-s’more of any type, and this kit gives you a gourmet way to enjoy them.


9. Pickle Ornament – Set of 3 ($21): You may ask “why,” but we say “why not?” These delightfully-random pickle ornaments make the perfect gift for your quirky friends, foodie or not.


10. Paddle Cutting Board + Utensil Set ($45): For serving in style, this paint-dipped set is a winner. Oh, and there’s more color options available!

Cheap Gift Ideas

gift 21

1. Knitting for Beginners Snood Kit ($64): Time to get down to the knitty gritty. This kit will transform you into a veritable knitting superstar. Don’t forget the Knitting 101 Class to go with it!

gift 22

2. Giant Gem Speaker ($40): To be perfectly honest, this portable speaker is the ideal dance party buddy. Plug it into your phone or laptop and blast all your fave jams with ease.

gift 23

3. DIY Cardboard Deer Bust Kit – Bucky ($30): Not only is this deer bust animal-friendly, but the modern design means it will look SO amazing on your office or bedroom wall. Jazz it up with glitter, marker, paint or whatever else you can think of.

gift 24

4. Metal Stamping Tool Kit ($49): Wanna make hand-stamped bracelets, pendants, pet tags + more? It’s easier than you think! Snag this tool kit and somesupplies and follow this guide to craft your own blingin’ beauties.

gift 25

5. Konstruktor DIY Camera ($39): If you know someone who loves to tinker + build, this is a must-gift. Build a 35mm plastic SLR and learn about all the coolness of camera mechanics in the process. Nice!

gift 26

6. North Star Necklace ($40): Everyone needs that classic jewelry piece that goes with everything. Well, look no further, ‘cause here it is! Wear this necklace on its own or add others for a gorgeous layered look.

gift 27

7. DESIGN*SPONGE Cheese Board Kit ($40 – $50): Transform that plain old cheese or charcuterie board into something totally rad using this DIY wood burning kit. If you need some design inspo, we’ve got that for you as well ;)

gift 28

8. Calligraphy 101 Kit ($60): This kit has it all, y’all! With this accompanying class, make 12 custom cards + envelopes to wow party guests with your serious hand-lettering skills.

gift 29

9. Acrylic Painting Kit ($39): Calling all budding Picassos! Snap up this painting kit + class to start making your own masterpiece ASAP.

gift 30

10. Hearts Getaway Duffle ($54): We *heart* this duffle bag. Spacious + super lovely, it makes a great gift for that person you know who REALLY deserves a vacay. They’ll definitely send you a thank-you postcard from their adventure.


gift 31

1. Large Initial Gold Necklace ($34): One thing is for sure: this bling is not to be ignored. We think it will look super pretty with a tee + jeans during the day as well as a fitted cocktail dress in the evening.

gift 32

2. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): Even when you can’t be with your beloved pet, you can still get in your much-needed cuddles thanks to these custom pillows. Uber cute.

gift 33

3. State Lovin’ Metal Keychain ($16): Show off your state pride with these little babies every time you flash your keys. Plus, they’ll totally make the most amazing stocking stuffers!

gift 34

4. Custom State Lovin’ Wood Wall Art ($30): Talk about a STATEment piece. Add this custom wood wall art to any home gallery or office for an instant upgrade in cool.

gift 35

5. Custom Fortune Cookie Necklace ($88 – $98): It may not be edible, but this fortune cookie is definitely the sweetest there is. Add whatever message, wish or phrase you want to complete this super thoughtful gift.

gift 36

6. Custom Leather-Wrapped Flask ($31): These custom flasks are so rugged and classy that we heard Ron Swanson himself owns a few. That’s taste you can trust. Get ‘em personalized for your BF, BFF, dad or bro.

gift 37

7. Custom Address Stamp ($44): This stamp is great for party invites, thank-you notes, luggage tags + much more. Choose from one of six awesome fonts + gift it to your favorite DIYer.

gift 38

8. Custom Hand-Stamped Initial Ring ($42): We’re so in love with this delicate, minimalistic ring. Perfect on its own or paired with a whole hand of other jewels, this is one gift that’s sure to be a winner.

gift 39

9. Custom Silver Spoon With Chocolate! ($37): Have a message to someone you love stamped on one of these one-of-a-kind vintage teaspoons encased in delicious chocolate. Your note will stay a secret until they start stirring. What a special way to reveal how you feel.

gift 40

10. Custom Initial Bracelet ($30): Lovebirds everywhere, this bracelet is calling to you! Instead of going super old school and carving your initials into a tree trunk, opt for this wearable version of your adoration for your boo.



These zany gift ideas are perfect for those random office parties and super silly exchanges with friends. Click here for more White Elephant gift ideas.

gift 41

1. Das Horn Drinking Vessel ($25): Tired of plain old cups, mugs + chalices? Channel those inner viking warrior vibes with this hilarious tusk-shaped drinking vessel.

gift 42

2. Bacon Ankle Socks ($6): Bacon is amazing, and don’t these socks know it! Snag ‘em for sizzlin’ style.

gift 43

3. Flashing Cocktail Shaker ($15): This is one of those WTF gifts that the recipient actually ends up treasuring for its weirdness. Plus, it’s a great way to get the party started.

gift 44

4. Purrito T-Shirt ($24): A shirt celebrating cats AND burritos? That’s a winning combo if we do say so ourselves.

gift 45

5. Hedgehog Dryer Buddies ($7): As unexpected as these dryer buddies may be, they’re also incredibly useful. Trust us, the gift of wrinkle + static-free laundry won’t go unappreciated.

gift 46

6. Christmas Photo Prop Party Pack ($22): Impromptu Christmas photoshoot, anyone? We think yes.

gift 47

7. Luchador Bottle Opener ($8): Crack open a cold one at your holiday party with the help of this ridiculous + fun bottle opener. Cheers, y’all!

gift 48

8. Bulldog Mug ($16): Lap up that morning coffee from this pooch-shaped ceramic mug. Don’t worry, it doesn’t bite.

gift 49

9. Fireball Marshmallows ($8): This might be a random gift, but it’s also HIGHLY delicious. These sweet + spicy ‘mallows will taste so good in a toasty mug of holiday hot chocolate.

gift 50

10. Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($35): Without a doubt, you’ll be taking a ton of holiday photos with your family + friends, so this selfie stick is a major game changer. Say cheese!

What’s the best holiday gift you’ve ever received? Share with us in the comments section.