Spring is just around the corner, and we’re all about starting fresh. From spring cleaning our kitchens to making healthy detoxifying recipes, we’re doing away with the old and ringing in the new. And what could *possibly* be more apropos for a fresh spring outlook than pretty edible flowers recipes? Turns out, Instagram feels the same way. Check out 12 of the loveliest, liveliest, most colorful edible flower creations on Instagram.

1. Colorful Dragonfruit: These dragonfruit bowls are literally BURSTING with freshness. Oats, rice balls, edible flowers, and fresh fruit comprise this gorgeous bounty of springtime-y goodness.

2. Spring Salad: This pic gives new meaning to the term “spring salad.” Refreshing greens topped with a colorful array of organic petals make for a simply delightful way to ring in the spring. For the record, the flora on this dish are nasturtiums, one of the most common edible flowers to cook with.

3. Strawberry Bowl: Strawberry lovers, rejoice! Soon, fresh strawberries will be in season again, and what better way to celebrate than by eating them with watermelon, passion fruit, and edible blossoms?

4. Color Palette: We suspect this particular dish is more for looking than for eating — but that’s fine with us. A rich color palette of purples and yellows looks gorgeous overtop a bed of greens and amaranth seeds.

5. Petal Pops: Who wouldn’t swoon over these pretty petal-infused popsicles? They’d be perfect for a spring bridal shower or baby shower, but we’d take them any day of the year. Serve them with Champagne and you’ve got an uber-feminine celebratory snack.

6. Elk Broth: This looks to be tea at first glance, but it’s actually a rich elk broth. Bone broth has heaps of health benefits, and we have no doubt that broth made with elk bones and topped with edible flowers has a flavor profile to write home about.

7. Working Lunch: What would your coworkers say if you opened up one of THESE bad boys tomorrow at lunch? Rice, chicken, and pork comprise the majority of this meal, but it’s the edible flowers that make it truly special.

8. Meringue Tartettes: These pretty pastries are made with dragonfruit and lemon meringue atop a sweet and crumbly almond shortbread crust. The gorgeous flowers, of course, are the icing on the cake.

9. Bite-Sized Treats: Each individual coin-sized snack here is topped with a lightly pressed edible flower. We’re IN LOVE with the rich color palette of yellows, purples, and oranges. It’s bright, cheery, and totally spring-y.

10. Breakfast Bowl: Spice up your go-to breakfast bowl recipes with edible flowers. This creation, made with coconut yogurt, granola, and pomegranate seeds, is finished off with a delightful little bloom on top.

11. Ice Cream Party: Add edible flowers to ice cream pops to make for a completely stunning dessert spread. Featuring a palette of gold, light purple, and cream, these ice cream pops would be a perfect treat for a wedding, bridal shower, or baby shower. Or, you know, for after dinner on a Monday night.

12. Coconut Bowl: Putting the fix-in’s of your smoothie or acai bowl into a coconut shell is *totally* genius, and this pic is proof. In addition to its jaw-dropping aesthetics, this coconut bowl shows just how much you can cram into one coconut shell: edible flowers, blueberries, kiwis, bananas, strawberries, and coconut flakes, to name a few.

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