There’s something we just love about a pastel palette of peaches, pinks, greens and yellows. These colors reflect the buds and blossoms we start to see in nature this time of year — from soft pink cherry blossoms to yellow daffodils and forsythia to pale green and purple hellebores. They are the colors of a new beginning. If ever there were a holiday custom-made for the creative types among us, Easter is it. What we love most about Easter is of course the crafts — the floral door wreaths, ceramic bunnies, colorful eggs and egg trees — plus, yes, an excuse to eat too many Peeps. We’re big fans of adding a personal touch when it comes to decorations; you know we love to get our DIY on. Whether you’re looking for creative new ways to color Easter eggs or ways to use your already-dyed eggs or even if you just want an excuse to eat a few more jelly beans, we’ve got some easy projects to get your home ready for Easter. Check out these 13 DIY Easter decorations to get you started.

Printable decorations make DIY crafting easy. Everything from easter baskets to garland to seating cards can be printed and ready for you to bend to your own whims. We’ve curated the best Easter printables around, so look no further for templates that are cotton-tail cute. We’ve compiled 25 awesome Easter ideas — and all you have to do is click and print.

If you are having guests over for brunch, you’ll be looking for a colorful centerpiece. Break out your ribbons and collection of small bottles and vases and create impromptu floral arrangements. Find that ceramic bunny you customized last year. Or grab some forsythia branches, put them in a vase and hang your eggs from it. Fresh out of ideas? Here are 23 centerpieces to Easter-ize your April tabletop.

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