As a celebrity stylist, Elizabeth Stewart dresses some of Hollywood鈥檚 hottest names, including Gal Gadot, Julia Roberts, Viola Davis, Amanda Seyfriend, and Jessica Chastain. But, in addition to outfitting the red carpet set, Stewart has her own empowerment-themed shoe collaboration with PLV and is currently lending her styling superpowers to Walmart to help launch their new lines, Time and Tru and Terra & Sky. Oh, and did we mention she鈥檚 also a mom? Homegirl is busy, but she still found time to sit down and chat spring fashion with us. Ahead, Stewart鈥檚 must-know tips for ensuring a very stylish season.

Brit + Co: What pieces can we save money on for spring and summer?

Elizabeth Stewart: I love the jeans from Time and Tru, especially the slim fit styles. I put them with their polka dot shirt and mix a couture jacket over it. Really big earrings are trending for spring 鈥 go for an affordable option, because you won鈥檛 always feel like wearing them.

B+C: What should we be splurging on?

ES: Normally I say to invest in shoes and bags, but I love Time and Tru鈥檚 ballet flats with a cushy bottom 鈥 they鈥檙e chic and comfortable. Otherwise, I say invest in jackets. You can throw them over anything like a cheapie blouse or floral tank.

B+C: Since you鈥檙e working with Walmart, you鈥檝e gotten to know their lines pretty well. Any favorite pieces?

ES: I like the layered necklaces 鈥 they鈥檙e very California. And again, the earrings are such a big thing this season and that鈥檚 something great I think you can get from Time and Tru.

B+C: Gal is one of your main celebrity clients, and she always looks on trend and elegant. Do you have any tips or tricks to dressing her since she鈥檚 so tall?

ES: My main tip for anyone is to find your great points that you want to show off. Gal鈥檚 is kind of everything. She鈥檚 pretty easy, to be honest! She likes clean, graphic, and simple. The minute you put too much on her, it doesn鈥檛 look right. She has incredible legs that we like to show off. For anyone of any height, I believe in finding your style and sticking to it. Repeat it. I wear dresses and flats every day. I have a million versions. (Photo via Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

B+C: Do you have a favorite look you鈥檝e ever styled?

ES: It鈥檚 like asking me who my favorite child is! One of my favorites is Amanda Seyfried. She wore an H&M short suit to a London premiere and I love this look because it felt particularly right for her. It was unusual. It wouldn鈥檛 make sense for my other clients, but for her, it worked. I like what it represents. I have all different clients and what they wear is very true to them. (Photo via Dave M. Benett/Getty)

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