Live in a tiny apartment? Or a big house that happens to have lots of little rooms? Then you’re probably no stranger to scouring the web for interior ideas for maximizing your space. In our book Homemakers (pre-order that ‘ish ASAP!), we’ve got an entire chapter dedicated the living room. And, small spaces happen to play a big role!

To take things to the next level, we brought in Emily Henderson, one of our favorite interior design experts, to share her homemaking tips and tricks, including her six go-to hacks for getting the most out of your small space.

1. Use a tone-on-tone color palette. The more high-contrast colors you use, the busier the room can look, and therefore the smaller the room feels.

2. Use large mirrors to bounce around light as well as trick the eye into thinking the room is larger because of the reflection.

3. Get large-scale accessories, but fewer of them. You do not want lots of little things, as it will clutter the space.

4. Hanging your curtains at the ceiling rather than at window height will expand the visual size of the room and the window.

5. Use light-colored area rugs.

6. Use open shelving or glass-cased shelving instead of closed shelving to add depth to make the space look bigger.

And there’s more where that came from! Our entire book is sprinkled with expert tips and tricks from folks like Emily Henderson and more. Pre-order Homemakers to be the first to see all the goodies we’ve packed into this tome!