We love design inspo just as much as the next person, but sometimes peeking at celeb mansions and paging through fancy interior decorating glossies can be a downer. Without unlimited funds, recreating those luxe homes seems totally impossible… until now. We’re sharing 12 affordable hacks to make your home look more expensive while staying on a budget.

1. Add Molding: It’s all in the details when it comes to home decor, and one of our favorite details is molding. Whether you keep your design scheme minimal and white or you go for some fun color blocking, this simple element will elevate your home design. (via Sita Montgomery Interiors)

2. Black Doors: All you need for this simple upgrade is a bucket of paint and an afternoon. You won’t believe the luxe effect it will have on your home. If you have any paint left over, you could always add a black wall too. (via Makeup by Tiffany D)

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains: Create the illusion of high ceilings with floor-to-ceiling curtains. We’re a big fan of mixing bold patterns, but you can keep things simple with white curtains too. (via Pelle Lundquist)

4. Update Light Fixtures: Ditch those outdated lighting fixtures that came with your home and replace them with something new and chic. We especially love pendant lighting. (via Domaine)

5. Create Built-Ins: Built-in shelves remind us of fancy old homes. Create your own for a fraction of the cost with a couple of bookshelves and some trim. (via BHG)

6. Expensive Accessories: Splurge on the accessories, rather than on major furniture staples like a couch or chairs, for a look that only seems expensive. (via Popsugar)

7. Layer Accents: Three words: layer layer layer. Whether it’s throw pillows, blankets or rugs, layering combines colors and textures, making your space look as if it was professionally decorated. (via Homepolish)

8. Focal Point: Don’t leave your guests’ eyes searching for a place to settle. Choose a bold statement piece that will serve as your focal point in the room. (via Tidbits and Twine)

9. Add Metallics: Gold, silver, bronze or whatever suits your fancy, a pop of sparkle and shine adds an extravagant touch to any room. (via The Glitter Guide)

10. Rich Fabrics: Expensive homes include materials that are pretty to the eye and pretty to touch. Take advantage of faux furs, silks and velvets in your furniture and design accessories. (via Sarah Rosenhaus Interior Design)

11. Go Minimalistic: Sure, you love all your knickknacks, but less is more when it comes to decorating. Spread them judiciously throughout your home or change them up every few months for a fun, mini home makeover. (via Good Housekeeping)

12. Plants and Flowers: You’ll never see a design magazine spread that doesn’t include a vase of fresh flowers. Keep your living spaces stocked with green leaves and colorful blooms — it’ll add a pop of color and keep your home smelling fresh. (via The Design Files)

Do you have any expensive home hacks that you swear by? Tell us about them below!