We already knew that Evan Rachel Wood was pretty much the coolest 鈥 one need look no further than the stand she took against Hollywood heavyweight Woody Allen or her recent reasoning for wearing a suit to the Golden Globes for proof of that 鈥 but the Westworld actress just gave us yet another reason entirely to love her.

Evan Rachel Wood attends the 18th Post-Golden Globes Party hosted by Warner Bros Pictures and InStyle at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. / AFP / LILLY LAWRENCE (Photo credit should read LILLY LAWRENCE/AFP/Getty Images)

In honor of her hero, the late David Bowie, who would鈥檝e been 70 years old on January 8, Evan made a small, but significant update to the Aladdin Sane lightning bolt tattoo she got nearly a decade ago at the age of 19.

Posting the change to Instagram, she wrote, 鈥10 years ago I got a lightning bolt in a Valentine to honor David Bowie. After he died, I filled it in black. Miss you, starman.鈥

It makes sense that she鈥檇 go to such lengths to pay tribute to him: The piece she penned for Nylon following his death was practically an open love letter to the musician, with lines like, 鈥淏owie is in everything I do. He introduced me to androgyny, surrealism, glam, poetry, fashion, sex 鈥 and rock 鈥榥鈥 roll, for God鈥檚 sake.鈥

Eventually going on to meet the man she calls her idol as a teen, Evan wrote, 鈥溾淚 knew that no other artist had as much of an influence on my life and my very identity than David Bowie鈥e made me feel like as long as he was around, I had a place.鈥

And now that he鈥檚 gone? 鈥淸His death means] a mark of time and the end of an era. It鈥檚 when I am really grown up and the torch is being passed to all of us now.鈥

RIP, David. Oh, and Evan? Never change.

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(h/t Hello Giggles, photos via Lilly Lawrence/Getty)