Are you an iPhone fan… living with an Android admirer? Are there more than a few Samsung supporters in your office? Good news! The days of fumbling for the right charger, fighting over outlet space, and bumming out over a dead battery are over. Now, your devices can always be charged. Enter EverDock, the only charging dock you will ever need. Why? Because it supports ALL smartphones and tablets. We didn’t know something this awesome even existed.

EverDock comes from the folk at FŪZ Designs. And yes, it really is a universal charger. Samsung, Motorola, Apple, Nokia… you name it, EverDock can charge it. How does it work? It has an adapter that works with lightning connectors (think iPhone 5), 30-pin connectors (think iPhone 4), and micro-USB connectors (pretty much everything else).

We’re digging the sleek, yet simple design of these docks. We also love that the EverDock is available in a single or dual dock configuration. Charging two devices at once? You know the way to our heart, EverDock Duo. These chargers also get big bonus points for working with cases. What’s more annoying than having to take your phone or tablet case off so that you can charge your device? Nothing. They’re also outfitted with some handy-dandy micro-suction, so they stay put on your countertops, bedside tables, or wherever.

EverDock’s Kickstarter campaign wrapped on October 17th. They met their goal and you can now pre-order docks online. The EverDock currently retails for $49 and the Duo currently retails at $69. They’re available in silver, gray, and gold. Oh, and they’ll be shipping out in December 2013. Just in time for the holidays? We’re thinking these would make for perfect stocking stuffers!

Would you try EverDock? What other universal chargers are on the market? Talk to us in the comments below!