A few months ago, we served up a whole collection of apps, gadgets and tricks that help keep your smartphone powered up. From turning off location services to keeping a charger on your keychain, we’re all about hanging on to those precious moments of battery life at all times. That’s why the moment we saw Everpurse, we instantly fell in major like.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Everpurse just might be the ultimate on-the-go charger for stylish gals on the go.

To charge, all you have to do is slip your phone into a special charging pocket inside the purse and you’ve got all the power you need.

The purse itself charges on a charging mat that plugs in. Add it to your overnight bedside charging station (come on, we all have one) and you’re good to go. When fully charged, Everpurse has enough battery power to take your iPhone from 0 percent back to 100 percent twice over.

And, Everpurse happens to be just as fashionable as it is functional. They’ve teamed up with Chicago designers Laudi Vidni and 1154 Lill Studio to create a collection of leather and fabric bags, each available in 3 colors. You can even customize your charging mat with text or a logo. A $129 pledge on Kickstarter is all it takes to make your battery power dreams come true in fabric form, $159 for leather.

Everpurse is large enough to carry as a clutch with your wallet, lipstick and other essentials, and is small enough to throw into any larger purse or bag. And yes, this is compatible with iPhone 5 as well as iPhone 4/4S.

Are you as excited about Everpurse as we are? Have you come across any other ingenious methods for charging your iPhone on the go? Talk to us in the comments below or come say hi on Twitter.