It was a rainy day in April. We were dreaming up new posts in the office and working on the final elements of Weduary, when all of a sudden I received a peculiar email. Bradford, the co-founder of Fab (which just so happens to be one of my favorite sites on the web), emailed to state his love for a couple of our recent DIY projects: the duct tape feather earrings and our wine glass and shot glass in one. He wanted to know if we could make a few thousand to sell on Fab.

[This is the point where we all gulped really loudly.]

“Of course we can!” I replied, not really knowing what we were signing ourselves up for, but excited nonetheless. (Note: this feeling is a regular part of working at a startup.) Despite having little experience in the mass creation of consumer products, we felt like it was such a killer opportunity to get some of our favorite things into the hands of some of our favorite people (that would be you).

We set a sale date, and off we went into the jungle of wholesale shipments, self-manufacturing, and packaging brainstorms. And now, today, we can finally announce that the first of hopefully many Brit & Co. products have gone on sale at! Check out the goods:


You knew duct tape was awesome, but did you know it could be used like this? These handcrafted earrings are made with high-quality neon tape and surgical steel fish hooks and have been one of the most popular products on the site. They help transform any look into a chic, bohemian style. Not only that, but we chose four super bright colors, perfect for summer. Rock them around town or take them with you to the beach for some serious head turning action.


Wine? Shots? How ‘bout both?! The Universal Party Glass is a multi-functional piece of glassware that you can use for entertaining or drinking solo. Just flip the glass upside down to take advantage of the other spout. It’s like the mullet of stemware — business on top, party down below! Buy them in individual colors ($14) or get the entire set of four ($42).

It’s true what they say: opportunities come knocking when you least expect it. We are beyond excited about our foray into commerce and hope you will pick up one (or a few) of the products from our shop.

If you’re as pumped about this as we are, please help us get to “sold out” status by telling all of your friends about the sale. And, don’t be shy to let us know what you think once you receive the products — you can tweet at us or shoot us an email. Thanks for shopping!

xo, Brit