Have you ever used a button kit? They are one of the simplest and craftiest gadgets around – so handy that we had to revisit one of our favorite DIY projects from the archives, DIY Fabric Button Earrings!

As you may have you noticed, I tend to swoon over any normal product that can be transformed into something more interesting. These button earrings have quickly become one of my go-to gifts for all the wonderful women in my life.

 – Dritz Aluminum Cover Button Kits

– fabric swatches

– glue on earring posts

– G-S Hypo Cement

– scissors

– pen or pencil

– needle-nose pliers

We bought inexpensive swatches from the fabric store, but this is also a great way to use all those fabric scraps you’ve been storing for a rainy day. We went with green for St. Patrick’s Day, spring, and our general love of Pantone’s color of the year.

The back of the button kit comes with a stencil! How convenient is that? Cut it out and trace circles onto your fabric. Cut them out.

Now, use that button maker! Center the fabric over the top (rounded side) of your button and press down into your button cover tool. Wrap the leftover edges of the fabric on the backside of the button, then push the button button into place using the button cover tool.

Done! (FYI, there are illustrated instructions for doing this on the box of the button cover kit.)

To make into earrings, you’ll need to remove the hook from the back of your button. Use needle nose pliers to pry it off. It should come off pretty easily.

Next, use jewelry glue to attach earring posts to your buttons.

And that’s it! So cute!!

Have you made button earrings before? Any other $5 craft gadgets we should know about? Talk to us in the comments below.