We hope no one is doing the math on what we are all actually thoughtfully reading vs. what we’re clicking on, Like-ing and forwarding along because the headline was kinda funny. Oh, wait — someone is. Shoot. We may all be on our computers and phones all the time, but that doesn’t mean we’re using each and every app and browser extension to its full potential. Or always taking the time to read that thing we RTed. You may already be well-acquainted with Pocket, but Facebook wants to give you a new option to tuck away things you Like for later with its all-new save function.

Save is here to save YOU from having to read things in the moment (WHO HAS THE TIME?!). Instead, it gives you the option to stash (supposedly) interesting reads shared by your friends, family and friends of friends and your third cousin once removed’s family friend who friended you.

While viewing Facebook on mobile or web, save links, places, movies, TV and music to look at, read, listen to or visit when it’s better for you. Everything is filed into categories and there are simple swipe features to archive, share or delete what you’ve set aside. Unlike a lot of things in FacebookLand, this is all private, and only shared if and when you say so.

Similar to Pocket, you can access these saved items on your smartphone or while you’re on the web, making it easy to switch between both or bookmark things while you’re at work to read on your commute.

We’re not always swept away by Facebook’s “innovations” (we think the term, “well-designed copy cats of apps and sites you already use regularly and love” is often more apt) but this one at least has a good idea behind it. It’s rare that I personally stumble upon something on Facebook that I actually want to READ, so can see this being a decent tool for videos and an even better action when it comes to places — oh, my foodie friend checked in to and posted pictures of this new brunch spot. I’ll add it to the list of places to try.

What’s hot on Facebook is all that easily-viral web stuff: photos, videos, memes, quizzes, but the articles and long reads that pop up on our digital lives aren’t generally the ones burning up our news feed. In other words, nice “save,” FB, but in that realm, our Pocket is already overflowing.

Will you use Facebook’s new save function? Do you already use Pocket? Share your thoughts below!