Folks, it’s time to grow up… at least in the eyes of your Facebook profile. Gone are the days of 6am keg stand photo shoots, 3am gas station feasts, and 1pm happy hours.

More and more, Facebook is going beyond the friend zone and into the professional realm, with employers almost universally checking out potential hires on Facebook before even interviewing them. Sure, you think it’s easy enough to do a quick skim through your profile and hide certain incriminating pictures, but what about those random comments from your friends? What about that time your little brother logged into your Facebook and “liked” a bunch of totally inappropriate pages? For that and more, there’s FaceWash.

FaceWash is a Facebook app that scrubs your profile for potentially inappropriate words and phrases. It’s not quite built to identify the contents of your pictures… yet.

On Brit’s wall, FaceWash rightly questions a post about the boobypack and hilariously found the phrase “tied up” from a post on gift wrap.

As for photos, we got red flags for food porn and escort cards.

And for the pages section of her profile, we’ve got questionable content from Vice, Bon Appetit, and Glamour. The Bon Appetit find is definitely our favorite.

If you’re looking for something specific (say, the name of your ex?), you can even search FaceWash for words or phrases you’d like to edit, delete, or hide.

What do you think about FaceWash? Would you use it to scrub your Facebook profile? Talk to us in the comments below.