Breaking out those chunky-knit sweaters and rain boots has never been more exciting this fall. With the leaves changing color and pumpkin-everything preoccupying our minds, it’s time to take out those bucket lists for another round of fall activities. But, if you’ve already done the puddle jumping, apple picking, pumpkin patch visiting and corn maze wandering, don’t fret. Here’s a whole new list of 13 must-try activities you’ll love this season.


1. Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Latte: You won’t want to go back to Starbucks for your daily dose of PSL once you try this yummy homemade recipe. The best part? It doesn’t cost you four dollars a pop. (via Eating Bird Food)

carving contest

2. Participate in a Pumpkin Carving Contest: If you’re looking for some friendly competition, why not put you and your friends’ creative limits to the test with a fun carving contest? Plus, you guys’ll have pumpkins to decorate your front porch with afterwards. (via Brit + Co)

diy candles

3. Make Your Own Halloween Candles: Trade store-bought candles for some easy, spooky candles of your own making. Though these candy corn-inspired ones aren’t the spooky kind, they fit right in with All Hallows’ Eve. (via Brit + Co)

faux log stack

4. Upgrade Your Fireplace With a DIY Facade: This modern-chic faux log stack facade is pretty awesome, especially if you always thought your fireplace was missing a little something. (via Pepper Design Blog)

glitter leaves garland

5. Decorate Your House Using Leaves: Upcycle the pile of leaves you jump into every fall with some creative and gorgeous DIY decorations. (via House of Jade Blog)

apple cider sangria

6. Stir Up a Mean Apple Cider Sangria: Just when you thought apple cider couldn’t get any better. This one has an extra dose of booze. YUM. (via Lexi’s Clean Kitchen)

holiday pickling

7. Try Your Hand at Pickling Your Own Veggies: Up for a challenge? Use vinegar, honey and salt to create these delightful side dishes. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

marbled pumpkins

8. Brighten Up Your Porch With Some DIY Pumpkin Décor: All you need for this rainbow-riffic marbling effect is nail polish. It’s easy peasy. (via Say Yes)


9. Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Cinema: Perfect for a scary movie marathon or a family-friendly gathering, an outdoor movie is a great way to spend your fall evening. To create a makeshift screen, attach crisp white sheets to a blackout cloth and secure with lightweight piping. Last but not least, add a concession stand for you and your guests to munch the night away. (via Pottery Barn)

10. Hone Your Crockpot Skills in Time for Thanksgiving: This pulled-pork sundae isn’t made of ice cream, but looks just as appetizing. Impress your friends and family with your crockpot skills by whipping up this yummy dish for Thanksgiving. (via The Bewitchin’ Kitchen)

pumpkin totem pole

11. Create a Pumpkin Totem Pole: Never mind Jack-o’-lanterns: Make your porch stand out with some stack-o-lanterns. (via Brit + Co)

themed party

12. Rock Out at a Themed Costume Party: Don’t be afraid to go all out, like our retro-clad Brit + Co ladies here. It’s all about having fun, so the more creative, the better! (via Brit + Co)

wine painting

13. Host a Wine and Painting Party: Gather some of your close friends for a classy night of sipping mulled wine and painting. Plus, you and your BFFs can decorate your homes with your finished works of art. (via Sabrina Nohling, Audra Zaba/Style Me Pretty)

How many of these fun fall activities will you be checking off the list? Let us know how they go!