What’s better than one festive pumpkin out in front of your house for Halloween? A stack of three, that’s what! Today we’re taking our pumpkin-making skills to the next level — literally a higher level — and creating a fresh little pumpkin stack. We love carving pumpkins, but all you need to do for this DIY is draw and build.

 fake pumpkins (or real ones if you want to use them!)

– Deco Art paint pens

 – paring knife (or a pumpkin carving knife)

– hot glue gun + glue


1. Create designs on your pumpkin using Deco Art paint pens.

2. Cut a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin that will fit the stem of the pumpkin below it on the stack.

3. Hot glue your pumpkins in place.

Whether you’re using real pumpkins or fake ones, Deco Art paint pens will work like a charm on the surface. In case you feel like getting wild, white acrylic paint also works well (and then you can draw on top of it), as do Sharpies. Create your designs and go to town on your pumpkins.

Add lots of colorful lines to create a pattern.

Or make a triangle party.

For our last pumpkin we added these triangular shapes, which look kind of like flags. Or sideways fangs? We’re going to call them side fangs. It is Halloween after all.

Once you’ve completed your MoMA-worthy designs, grab your knife and carve a hole in the bottom of one pumpkin that will fit the stem of another. Repeat this step with the other pumpkins except for the one that will sit at the bottom of the stack.

Add hot glue to the top of your first pumpkin in the stack (the one without the hole in the bottom).

Then place another pumpkin on top. Add your next pumpkin using the same method.

Boom. You’ve got yourself a pumpkin stack.

Sad your project is over? Don’t fret! Now you get to decide where to put this pumpkin snowman. Stick him out in front of your house, in a window or on your bedside table. Just kidding. Don’t do that. But have fun with these guys. And remember to bake your seeds if you used real pumpkins!

What other pumpkin projects would you like to see on Brit + Co? Let us know in the comments!