January is technically the start of the new year, but we feel like autumn brings on a beginning that’s all its own. We’re leaving the sweaty summer behind and preparing for days dressed in sweaters, holiday festivities and evenings by the fireplace. With this new season must come a new desktop. Simple as that. Start the last few months of the year off on the right foot with these 20 fun and festive desktop wallpapers.

1. Triangle Leaves: Embrace the falling leaves in a design-savvy fashion. This geometric motif is festive in the subtlest of ways. (via Design Love Fest)

2. Cooling Off: Here’s a traditional, leafy fall wallpaper in a new, cooler color scheme. (via The Fox is Black)

3. Literary Leap: Start autumn off right with this famous quote from literary great F. Scott Fitzgerald. “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” (via Kelly Christine Studio)

4. Cozy Up: Our sentiments exactly — with a hot chocolate in hand, all that computer work is a lot more fun. (via Design Love Fest)

5. Kaleidoscope: After some heavy focusing, let your brain zone out by staring into this kaleidoscopic motif. (via Simple Desktops)

6. Reindeer Ready: If you just can’t wait for Christmas but don’t want to get flack from folks for jumping on the train too early, here’s a sneaky way to get your holiday cheer on… even if it is still September. (via Simple Desktops)

7. Gardening Gals: Pretty stoked about the autumn harvest? Celebrate with this background that looks more like a page out of a classic children’s book than a wallpaper. (via The Fox is Black)

8. Fall in Love: Keep things sweet with this lovely sentiment scribbled over a peaceful watercolor background. (via Hello Monday)

9. Halloween Haunt: Get pumped for the first holiday of the changing season with this psychedelic ghost print. Don’t stare into it too long though. We think it might give you the spooks. (via The Fox is Black)

10. Glitter and Gold: Keep this background up as some sparkly eye candy and a reminder to be thankful for all your blessings. (via Sarah Hearts)

11. Something Wicked: Not into the ghostly gang? Get ready for Halloween with this festive typography print instead. (via Tidy Mom)

12. Pumpkin Time: Pop this pic into your computer and get inspired to make a crafty pumpkin on the daily. No excuses for a basic jack-o’-lantern this year. (via Whimsey Box)

13. Make Things Happen: Start the new season with this motivational phrase always at your fingertips. (via Sarah Hearts)

14. Fall Covered: Okay, this wallpaper literally has everything you need for the rest of the season. Spiderwebs for Halloween, leaves and rakes for fall and pumpkins for Thanksgiving. (via Breanna Rose)

15. Falling Foliage: Sometimes a classic fall picture is all you’re after. This design screams autumn. (via Sarah Hearts)

16. Wordy Wreath: As autumn rolls in, wreaths start popping up all over front doors. If you’re looking for an easier way to embrace the tradition, just put one on your computer. Having an uplifting quote inside doesn’t hurt either. (via Design Milk)

17. Colored Leaves: At first glance, it’s hard to tell if this motif is an abstract geometric print or leaves… or both! (via Breanna Rose)

18. Comedy and Candy: While nobody can stop us from dressing up in a killer costume, we have to admit that we’re a little too old to be going trick-or-treating (unfortunately). But a girl can dream. Combine your love for Halloween candy with your love for Seinfeld — these are all the candies that made an appearance on the show. (via The Fox is Black)

19. We Make: Ever so slightly obsessing over this one. It should be no surprise that this illustrated wallpaper makes our hearts go all aflutter. (via Mary Kate McDevitt)

20. Arrows Organized: Here’s a clever wallpaper to help keep organized and focused. Slide the files that you need to read, file, start and finish into the blank boxes and get stuff done. (via Design Love Fest)

Which of these are you choosing as your desktop? Share your favorite one with us!