We take Halloween very seriously around these parts, which is why we’ve spent the last five weeks serving up a new Halloween party theme every month. And not only are we showing you how to rock each of these parties at home, we’ve stocked up our shop with everything you need to make each party happen.

From Classic to Chic, Glow-in-the-Dark to Creepy, capping it all off with Dia de los Muertos, it’s been party time all the time at Brit HQ. Here are our favorite projects from each party!

1. Classic Halloween Party: This party is all about pumpkins, orange and black, and the classic treats and tricks that Halloween delivers year in and year out. For the full-fledged kit, pick it up here for $100.

Our favorite pieces of this party are definitely the Candy Corn Bark, Washi-Striped Invites (kit here), and Candy Corn Mason Jars (buy the kit here).

2. Chic Halloween Party: We took a cue from silent films on this one, and went for a black and white theme with simple pops of gold. To create your own Beetlejuice-inspired party, snag the kit for $110.

We love the black and white graphic style of this party, but the standouts were our Striped and Studded Pumpkins, Black and White Striped Cake Stands, and Tuxedo Cake with Gilded Insects (bugs available here!).

3. Creepy Halloween Party: And what about creep week? As skeptical as we were of blood-splattering everything with red paint, this was probably our favorite theme of them all. Want your own Dexter style party? Get the kit here.

The best of the best at this party was the Test Tube Wine Rack (buy it here), Blood-Splattered Vases (yes, there’s a kit for that!), and the deadly Petit Fours.

4. Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Party: Let your inner ’90s rave kid out by turning off the lights and turning up the glow! Full neon kit here for $100, or just go for a few bits and pieces.

How awesome is glow-in-the-dark thread? Grab that, napkins, and a runner for $15 in our shop and your guests will definitely be impressed. And glow-in-the-dark spray paint? Yeah, we’ve got that too. In fact, we used it to create our Glowing Pumpkins! And the final piece we loved creating were these LED Headbands powered by littleBits. So cool!

5. Dia de los Muertos Halloween Party: The rich colors, gorgeous sugar skulls, and floral designs make this party the fairest of them all. To trick out your own Day of the Dead, grab the party kit for $90, or shop individual kits below.

First of all, how awesome are these treat bags (kit is $3 here)? And you could easily rock the Fringe Photo Backdrop (tissue paper available here), Sugar Skull Makeup, andSugar Skull Pumpkins all year round, right? ;)

What kind of party will you throw or attend this Halloween? What other party-related goodies would you like to see in our shop? Tell us in the comments below!