With the temperature dropping, we can鈥檛 help but feel the need to curl up with a good book (or a good book adaptation on Netflix), break out our coziest flannel and take photographs of *all* the leaves. If you鈥檝e already taken a whole bunch of Instagram shots in the leaves, you鈥檙e probably feeling inspired 鈥 maybe you want to cook up pumpkin seeds, or maybe, just maybe, you鈥檙e considering a fall-inspired tattoo to celebrate the season. These gorgeous ideas will have you ready to add some adorably festive ink.

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1. Acorns: There鈥檚 nothing corny about these acorns or the gemstone quality of the colors. If you live somewhere where the leaves don鈥檛 change (hello, Florida), this is a constant reminder of the beauty of nature. (via @botanicaltattoos)

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2. Sleeping Fox: These gorgeous colors are sure to have you pinning all of Sasha Unisex鈥檚 stunning work, whether you want them as tattoos on your body or paintings in your bedroom. With this tat, no one can ask what the fox says, because he鈥檚 obviously sleeping. (via @sashaunisex)

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3. Maple Leaf: This understated landscape shows how incredibly powerful minimal B+W tattoos can be. (via @kosh_tattoo)

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4. Free Falling: These little leaves will have you yearning for fall all year 鈥檙ound. (via @tattoosbyjohnnyv)

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5. Tree of Life: Vivid colors and strong lines make this tat wearable art, thanks to the remarkable work of Sasha Unisex. (via sashaunisex)

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6. Watercolors for Fall: If watercolors make you think fondly of pre-school, it鈥檚 time to re-visit your favorite pastime. (via @botanicaltattoos)

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7. Pumpkin Pie: For those obsessed with all things pumpkin spice and everything nice, this little piece of pie is so cute you won鈥檛 be able to get enough of it. Next stop? A PSL tattoo鈥 (via @aceshightattooshop)

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8. Pumpkin Spice: If your favorite part of fall is a PSL in your hand, this tattoo has your name on it. The teeny bats and pumpkins add some seasonal cheer to an already fully perfect fall canvas. (via @sorrymom_tattoos)

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9. Kaleidoscope Colors: This little leaf packs a powerful punch. For everyone who grew up doing spin art and looking through kaleidoscopes, this brings all of your childhood favorites to life. (via @beccyrimmer)

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10. Oh Deer: This cute little deer is like Bambi, but all grown up. There鈥檚 no better way to commemorate your favorite Disney movie. (via @krystel_ivannie)

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11. Leafy Love: These little leaves will make your clavicle shine, but they鈥檇 look great anywhere on the body. You鈥檒l fall in love with this tat that鈥檚 simple, sweet and super autumnal. (via @abbbb_____)

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12. Little Owl: This super sweet little creature is serving up some sass, along with some gorgeous script. (via @edinhotattoojc)

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13. Autumn Leaves: With foliage this stunning, it will feel like it鈥檚 always fall. These stunning colors will make even the most ink-scared girls consider full sleeves. (via @maruha_studio)

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14. Pumpkin Punch: Halloween might be over, but that doesn鈥檛 mean the fun has to end. Embrace the best holiday of the year with a pumpkin cauldron tat that鈥檚 not spooky or scary. (via @bobbybosak)


15. Deer in the Pumpkins: Embrace the season by choosing adorable pumpkins and gorgeous leaves, then add your animal of choice. (via @skinsandneedles)

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16. Fall Feather: Not so into foliage? You can always try feathers. With sunset colors, they鈥檒l scream fall in the best possible way. (via @bubblegumtattoo)

Which of these fall tattoos would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!