When your social media feed is full of #PSL, you know fall is coming. Orange trees and delicious eats make it a particularly photographic time of year, and your Instagram is bound to be full of pics from fall fanatics… like us *cough* *cough*. So to celebrate all that is picturesque about the season, we’ve nailed down the 19 types of fall pics you can expect to find filling your Instagram feed.

1. Changing Leaves: The first yellow leaves means crisp days and cool nights are just around the corner. It doesn’t get much better than that. And if the leaves aren’t changing where you live, you can always check social media for photos of places where they are. (via @urbanoutfitters)

2. Autumn Flowers: Pick ’em in shades of white, yellow, red and orange for a warm, autumn spread. (via @mooncanyon)

3. Baked Goods: Fall basically smells like goodies in the oven. You don’t need an excuse or a special occasion to bake up some spectacular dessert — just bake in celebration of fall! (via @cydconverse)

4. Pumpkin Patches: There’s nothing quite as fun as hay rides and apple cider at the pumpkin patch. (via @ohjoy)

5. Kids’ Costumes: We love to dress up, but try as we might to look as cute as the kiddos, we just can’t. Nothing beats the unbridled joy of a kid in costume. (via @ohhappyday)

6. Decorations: Fall has so many colors going on, we say why not just stick to nature for your decor? Changing leaves and different shades of pumpkins give you lots to pick from. (via @designlovefest)

7. Apple Picking: Take to the orchards for your pre-pie prep. Picking your own apples and tasting them straight from the tree will make your desserts all the more sweet. (via @hedleyandbennett)

8. Candied Apples: We’re just realizing that apples are the main component of most of our favorite fall desserts. We especially love them rolled in M&Ms. Get the recipe right here. (via @britandco)

9. Hot Tea: This is our favorite companion for cozying up to a good book. Earl grey, chai, English Breakfast — you name it, we’re sipping it. (via @rebeckasipe)

10. Jack-O-Lanterns: If you haven’t decorated a pumpkin this year, get to it. You can carve it, paint it or just cover it with flowers. (via @etsy)

11. Scarves: As we ease back into to our winter wear, scarves are the first thing we go for. Not only are they ideal for transitioning from summer to fall, they’re also so dang cute! (via @whowhatwear)

12. Candy: We can’t down a giant sack full of candy like we did when we were kids, but we still enjoy candy corn by the handful. (via @eatingboston)

13. Spooky Nail Art: There is a ton of Halloween nail art out there, and each ten-fingered find is more creative than the last. (via @luvluvnails)

14. Comfort Food: For some reason, when there’s a nip in the air, we no longer care about carbs or calories. It’s all about eating food that’s hearty and delicious, and we’re not complaining. (via @lizlovegrowswild)

15. PSL: Second to changing leaves, this is sure sign that fall is in full swing. When the PSL returns in all of its pumpkin spicy glory, we kind of feel like we’ve seen the Great Pumpkin. (via @starbucksgram)

16. Pie: Fall pies deserve their own category. Pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, oh my! So many pies, so little time… (via @bangbangpie)

17. Halloween Makeup: No costume is complete without some killer makeup. Scroll through Insta for inspiring ways to up your makeup game and take your costume over the edge. (via @missbrimarie)

18. Autumn Sunset: With bare trees and watercolor skies, sunset just got way more exciting. Sure, it’s a bit cliche, but no lovely sunset should go to waste! (via @dantom)

What’s your favorite fall photo op? Let us know in the comments!