The gift-giving holidays have come and gone. The menorah is safely tucked away, and the tree’s lights are coming down. The year is done, and it’s time to celebrate, but now that you’re a mama it’s time to nix the late-night New Year’s Eve plans. Replace the old night of Champagne-fueled fabulousness with a New Year’s Day of family fun. Check out these artsy ideas, treats, and family activities that keep the merriment going year after year!

1. Reflection Questions: You’ve had an entire year’s worth of moments to remember. That’s 365 days of laughter, surprises, sweetness, and so much more. Print out reflection cards, and use them to ask each other to name their bests, favorites, and most memorables of the year. Start when your kiddo is a baby, and keep going as they grow. In a few years your little one can start giving their own awesome answers. (via Artsy-Fartsy Mama)

2. Printable Party Hats: Print-and-color hats are so, so, so simple — and the kids will totally get into the craftiness of this New Year’s activity. Keep each year’s hat, adding to the collection. By the time your now-tot is ready to head off to college, you’ll have a stack of hats to reflect upon. (via MyPrintly)

3. Time Capsule: Reuse an old jar to magically transform it into a time capsule. Gather the family ‘round, fill the capsule with anything that’s memorable from the year before, seal it up, and set it aside for the future. Way, way, way into the future: The longer you wait to open it, the more fun it will be. (via Red Ted Art)

4. Milk and Cookies: It’s time to leave those frosted Santas and sprinkle-covered reindeer cookies behind. Start a New Year’s cookie tradition (and really, who doesn’t enjoy a tradition that revolves around cookies?) with homemade chocolate chip deliciousness and Champagne flutes filled with milk. Yum! (via Crystal & Co.)

5. Pizza Party: Calling all foodies for this festive — and totally tasty — tradition. The littles love their pizza, but you’re not exactly up for a New Year’s ordered-in pie. So make your own: your own pizza and your own tradition. Each year, come up with a theme or a topping to try. Get kind of crazy and try unexpected recipes, such as a shaved asparagus pizza. Take pics of your mealtime creations year after year. (via Smitten Kitchen)

6. New Year’s Survey: Make something special that you and your kids can look back on throughout the new year. Help your tot to fill out a “survey” as an annual holiday tradition. Along with taking a look back at this year, you can browse the printed surveys decades from now when your kiddo has kids of their own! (via Simple Fun for Kids)

7. Homemade Hot Chocolate: Forget about the mimosa bar: It’s time for a new New Year’s Day drink. Set up an annual hot cocoa bar, making your own mixes (and adding your own mix-ins). Create a new signature hot chocolate flavor each year to keep this sweetly steamy tradition going. (via Brown Eyed Baker)

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