We LOVE online shopping, whether it鈥檚 perusing Pinterest or swiping for shoes. But there鈥檚 nothing more annoying than ordering a top or dress that looked absolutely perfect on the model, only to find that it makes us look like a sack of potatoes. Sad face. The site Fashion Fit has made it their mission to solve this all-too-common problem by aggregating photos of real girls (in all sizes) wearing what we want to buy.

After you enter your measurements and the sizes you typically wear, Fashion Fit finds photos that other users have uploaded who have measurements and a body type similar to yours. Hopefully, if they gather enough users who upload enough photos, they鈥檒l have an extensive database of clothing. So the next time you鈥檙e eyeing a dress that you鈥檙e not too sure about, you might be able to find someone wearing it on Fashion Fit. But until then, browsing the photos up on the site already is a new way to do your online shopping, by seeing the fit first.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.56.41 PM

Fashion Fit also compares your measurements to celebrities and gives you a list of which celebs match your body type the closest. Actually, this might be the most entertaining part of the site. You get to see a few of their latest looks, and then find out where to get the pieces. But be warned: Most celebrities鈥 budgets don鈥檛 quite match our own.

Do you think Fashion Fit could revolutionize the way you buy clothes online? Let us know in the comments!