Coachella may be over, but summer music festival season has just begun! We trolled through our favorite Coachella fashions and found some amazing pieces that we had to have. And by have we actually mean DIY! A couple of weeks ago we brought you a DIY to make Julianne Hough’s fringe bag, and we are back at it again with a new material: feathers! We know what you’re thinking — feathers? Really? Feathers are for costumes and that one pair of boho earrings you love. Well we’ve got news for you — that is simply not true. Feathers are not just for costumes; you can totally rock them every day! A perfect way to do that is with a boho fringe and feather bag.


Feathers, meet fringe. We think you’re going to be lifelong bffs.


– purse (we got ours at Forever 21)

– jersey fabric

– feathers

– suede cord


– hot glue gun

– scissors



1. Cut a piece of jersey fabric to match the width of your purse flap. Fringe that jersey!

2. Using the hot glue, attach your materials in an alternating pattern – fringe, feathers, fringe, feathers.

3. Hot glue the suede cord to cover up the tips of your feathers and give your bag a more polished finish.


You know the drill. Fringe it up!


Use hot glue (or super glue, depending on the material of your bag) to attach your first layer of fringe.


You are going to want to create an alternating pattern of fringe and feathers for that festival vibe.


Make sure you tier your materials and accent the smallest ones on top.


Hide those feather tips with suede cord. We added three lines of cord to give it a polished look.


After everything was layered on, we decided to go back and trim the fringe to match the points of the feathers. Your call! It’s fun and festive either way.


There is no way of hiding the fact that here at Brit + Co we love color!


Our creative director Anj brings her best color/pattern game every day. This bag looks amazing with her leggings!


Have you spotted any festival fashions that you must have? Share with us below and it could be our next DIY!