We’re not gonna lie: we’ve been style-stalking the festival grounds this season and have fallen madly for the epically adorned feather gear gracing nearly every boho babe. Those extravagant outfits may earn you style snaps at Coachella, but what about when you have to return to your 9-to-5? Hang up the feathered earcuffs and sport this delicate DIY feather necklace instead. It’s a chic take on the breezy trend that you can wear just about everywhere and with about anything! So grab a few fun feathers and your basic jewelry tools — it’s time for this DIY to fly!


– feathers

– thin gold chain

– 1 gold crimp cord end

– 1 gold clasp

– 3 gold jump rings


– two sets of needle nose pliers

– wire cutters

– E-6000 glue


1. Measure the chain around your neck and cut it to the size and length you want.

2. Add glue to your cord end and insert your feathers.

3. Clamp the cord end using your needle nose pliers.

4. Add a jump ring to the cord end and to the middle of the chain.

5. Place a jump ring on both ends of the chain and add the clasp to one side.

And now we make!

First you need to determine the length of your chain by measuring it around your neck. Using your wire cutters, snip through one of the links to cut the chain. Set this aside.

Grab your cord end and squeeze some E-6000 into the fold. You don’t need to fill it up — a thin layer of glue will suffice. Trim the stems if they are long and place your feathers into the cord end. We found these gorgeous feathers at our local fabric store Britex, but you could be adventurous and gather fallen feathers (just be sure to wash them — pretty sure those birds weren’t lathering up with coconut body scrub on a daily basis) or get them from a fly fishing shop.

Clamp the cord end shut with your needle nose pliers. Really give it a good squeeze so that the feathers won’t slide out. The glue won’t fully set for a day, but you can still complete your necklace, just be careful not to pull the feathers out of the cord end while you work on the rest.

Add a jump ring to the cord end using both sets of needle nose pliers. Remember not to pull the jump ring apart. Instead, twist it open and shut. Connect that same jump ring to the center of the chain. You can simply fold the chain in half to determine where the middle is. Next add a jump ring to each end of the chain, and place a clasp on one of the jump rings.

You’re done! This delicate beauty is light as a feather — literally! You won’t even know it’s there. If you want a matching set, you could easily make some earrings or a feathery headband to boot!

What else have you made with feathers? Tell us about your style DIYs in the comments below!