In case you haven’t been able to tell from the numerous posts we’ve already done on the subject, festival season is coming. You’re going to need something to sit on (that grass cannot touch your jorts. It’s a basic Rocking Out Rule, people.) and while we’ve shown you the best ground covers to picnic on around town, festival throws are an entirely different beast. That’s why we’re laying down the best of the best for you and your festies. (Festies = your festival besties for the uninformed.)

1. Roxy Sunrise ($46): Will you be laying back listening to the tunes until the sun comes up? This blanket expects nothing less.

2. Hudson’s Bay Company Millennium Fleece ($30): So yeah, we know we’re always all Pendleton this and Pendleton that, but really Hudson’s Bay is the OG of Wild West blankets and throws. We’re particularly pumped on this Millennium pattern and its range of price points. Like, say you’ve got money that you’re just dying to throw out into the world. You can get a cashmere one for $420. Or… you could get this fleece version for a mere $30.

3. Ikat Quilt ($108): Alright, we know ikat is kind of Coachella 2013, but we just couldn’t ignore this ground cover. It’s already wearing its best indigo getup for the festivities.

4. Victoria Secret Beach Blanket ($50): What we like about beach blankets is that they’re lightweight, yet big enough to fit a companion, whether in the sand, on the grass or even in the mud.

5. Kate Spade Saturday Positive Negative ($150): Let’s say you’re all about Lionel Richie, but The Flaming Lips? You’re kind of over them. Flip that blanket one way for positive vibes and to the dark side when you’re not so happy with who’s gracing the mainstage.

6. No Sew Picnic Blanket: Blankets obviously lead a double life. When invited to a picnic, they’re always prim and proper and on their best behavior. Check the photo for the evidence. (via A Subtle Revelry)

7. Kris Tate for Deny Forest Fleece ($79): We swear to god if you show up at the festival grounds with this over-the-top geometric animal love fest, everyone around you will think you’re the hippest girl at the show, and they’ll probably share whatever goodies they brought with them with you. Basically, this is the blanket that keeps on giving.

8. DIY Ombre: We like this hack because it makes use of a simple white sheet. Sheets are light. Light things are easy to carry around. Do you understand why you want this yet? (via Ink Meets Paper)

9. Noodle Tie-Dye Throw ($129): You are going to a festival. So you knew tie-dye was going to show up to the party at some point.

10. Patterned Picnic Blanket: This DIY makes use of one of our favorite homemade tools. The almighty potato stamp! (via Almost Makes Perfect)

11. Modern Diamond Throw Quilt ($325): It’s basically two blankets in one. And you need both.

12. American Flag Picnic Blanket: You’re going to want to hop on this weekend DIY ASAP. Mostly because you’re going to prime the bottom of the canvas so that it’s waterproof. Pretty exciting, eh? (via The House That Lars Built)

13. Zoza Blanket ($300): You like it. You really, really like it.

14. DIY Fold-Up Picnic Blanket: The question of what to do with your blanket when you’re moving from stage to stage is always a hard one to answer. Yes, you could shove it into your tote each and every time you make the move, but then you just have to yank it out to get to your buried wallet when you make a beer run or stop by the merch table. Or you could just make this, and your blanket will carry itself and be totally out of your way. (via Brit + Co.)

15. Toddler Quilts ($180): We promise. We are not calling you a baby. But we are watching out for you. Carrying a small blanket is going to make your life so much easier. And some of that snow in the photo would probably help you beat the heat too, but hey, we can’t solve all of your problems.

What will you be sitting on in the grass? Lay it out in the comments below.