Coachella. Bonnaroo. Austin City Limits. Festival season is about to descend upon us. And you best be packing the right gear. You’ve got your headbands. You’ve got your boho babe accessories. Now, you need something crucial to the festival going experience. You need a flask. How else are you going to giggle at all those fools sucking down $13 cocktails while listening to Arcade Fire? You can only do it while sipping on your own personal potable.

1. Wonderlust ($38): You like to take a walk on the wild side, don’t you?

2. Bring, Bring, Bring Banana ($20): Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just… oh. Wait. It is a banana in your pocket. Or more accurately, a banana flask. And suddenly, we’re the ones who are happy to see you.

3. Aztec Geometric Wrap ($15): The last two years, festivals were a sea of ikat. This year, an ocean of Aztec.

4. Aviary Flamingo ($23): There’s something very Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland about this flask… Excuse me? What’s that you’re saying? “Drink me?” Don’t mind if we do.

5. Photo Print ($18): Sharks. Smilies. Unicorns. Flowers. Dinos. Dogs in sunnies. What the hell is happening here?!

6. Needlepoint ($68): Leave it to Jonathan Adler to make a flask totally swinging in bright woolen chevron.

7. Baja Stripe ($18): If you ask us, this is a spring-break flask, not a festival flask. What? You can’t tell the difference? Pssh.

8. Ditzy Hip Flask ($22): There’s only one hour to be happy. Make the most of it no matter where you are.

9. Neon Geo ($18): If you’re trying to be discreet about your imbibing, well, that won’t happen here.

10. Bird Print ($24): Will we ever get sick of putting a bird on it? No, we will not.

11. Chain Suede ($10): Your flask is now a purse. Complete with leather cover and a chain arm strap. This is what we’ve been missing in our lives.

12. Three Sheets ($25): Yep, that’ll happen to you when you’re carrying around liquor EVERYWHERE you go.

13. Bota Bag ($20): OMG. The amount of booze it can hold! You’re totally going to be the most popular girl at Outside Lands.

14. Snow Peak ($130): Lightweight, durable, elegant — this is for the dapper yet hardcore concert goer.

15. Shot Flask ($25): We hate to be called prudish, but sometimes we just don’t feel like drinking right from the flask. Oh, and just to show you how prissy we are, we want the body of the flask to come in cotton-candy pink, thank you very much.

What’s going to be hanging off of your hip? Give it a shoutout in the comments below.